Alaska Creates Sustainable Energy Plan to Reduce Statewide Emissions

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Image: Alaska Creates Sustainable Energy Plan to Reduce Statewide Emissions

Here’s some good news for ya! Alaska has reportedly just submitted its state-of-the-art comprehensive plan, a sustainable energy plan, to reduce global warming in 2024.

Alaska Public Media reports that the federal government has received a plan to drastically reduce greenhouse emissions, thanks to Biden’s ambitious goals.

It is no news how urgent the need for climate control is in this day and age. Ever since the booming industrial revolution, the world has been facing serious consequences of global warming. 

The culprit of climate change has always been the enormous amounts of greenhouse emissions. It is becoming increasingly difficult to manage the rising temperatures every year. 

Even though individuals are advised to actively think about their impact on the environment, which is beneficial for sure, real change cannot be made possible unless governments, and corporations nationwide make changes to reduce their negative impacts.

Compared to the rest of the country, the state of Alaska is warming up at twice or thrice the rate. Since most of the infrastructure was built to be suitable for stabler environments, several buildings, roads, airports, etc. are taking a hit.

Responding to the impact of global warming, Alaska has created an extensive plan. Under President Biden’s administration, the state of Alaska has guaranteed to cut its carbon emissions by half by 2030.

The Alaska Climate Action Plan was developed by the Alaska Climate Change Strategy Group, a collaboration between state agencies, local governments, Alaska Native organizations, and stakeholders across various industries. 

The group conducted extensive research and stakeholder engagement to identify the state’s most significant sources of greenhouse gas emissions and develop targeted strategies to address them. 

The goal of this sustainable energy plan is to reduce Alaska’s carbon footprint while protecting the state’s unique ecosystems. One of the plan’s key strategies is to promote renewable energy sources and energy efficiency measures. 

According to the Alaska Energy Authority, the state’s vast renewable energy potential, including wind, solar, geothermal, and hydropower, is largely untapped.

The sustainable energy plan aims to incentivize the adoption of these clean energy sources by providing tax credits, streamlining permitting processes, and investing in infrastructure development.

What has enabled the implementation of this plan so effectively is the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act(IRA). President Biden signed this act in 2022 making it possible to provide substantial funds for decarbonization.

Another key component of the sustainability plan focuses on reducing emissions from the transportation sector, which accounts for a significant portion of Alaska’s overall carbon footprint. 

The state aims to promote the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles by expanding charging infrastructure, offering incentives for vehicle purchases, and exploring alternative fuel sources such as biofuels and hydrogen.

The sustainability plan also emphasizes the importance of sustainable forestry practices and the protection of Alaska’s vast wilderness areas, which serve as critical carbon sinks. 

By preserving these natural resources, the state is mitigating the effects of climate change while preserving the unique cultural heritage of Alaska Native communities.

“We were really focused on energy in this priority phase, that’s where we keep hearing a lot of grantee interest around making energy more affordable, more sustainable”

Morgan Frank, Department of Environmental Conservation program manager

Effective climate change is a long process. The efforts that it would take to result in considerable change in the global climate cannot be comprehensible through one plan. 

This is simply the beginning. Judging by the current administrative practices and philosophies, it is safe to say more changes are yet to come. 

The Alaska Climate Action Plan is undoubtedly a much-needed effort to address climate change. It has provided a head start for revolutionizing practices for years to come.

We at Humans of Globe are huge advocates for sustainability and climate change mitigation. 

Remember, every drop makes an ocean. We encourage our readers to take part in the fight by including eco-friendly practices like recycling, checking your carbon footprint, and relying on renewable energy as much as it’s possible.

It’s time to take action!

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