Siddhant Tawarawala: Pioneering Sustainable Sanitation Solutions to Uplift India

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Image: Siddhant Tawarawala: Pioneering Sustainable Sanitation Solutions to Uplift India

It was during a lively brainstorming workshop focused on entrepreneurship and national challenges that the founder Siddhant Tawarawala had a lightning bolt moment. While examining issues like sanitation and women’s education, he observed firsthand the dire need for progress.

This sparked a personal mission to develop innovative solutions to uplift communities across India.

Peeschute’s Mission is to Provide Innovative and Sustainable Sanitation Solutions

Founded in 2015, Peeschute aims to address critical gaps in India’s sanitation infrastructure. Through cutting-edge product design and a commitment to sustainability, Peeschute seeks to reshape the

industry by enhancing accessibility, hygiene, and water efficiency. Its offerings cater to mobility, healthcare, homes, and public spaces.

From its auspicious beginnings to its swelling impact, this profile spotlights Peeschute’s inspiring origin story.

By highlighting milestone moments, a social change is driven, and future goals, it aims to showcase how one purpose-driven startup can uplift people, transform communities, and drive progress at scale through passion and innovation.

Diverse Experiences That Led to Identifying the Sanitation Challenge

Before launching Peeschute, the founder gained valuable perspective by working with startups and major corporations like Solulab and Goldman Sachs.

During a networking event, a chance encounter with the VP of Goldman Sachs led him to be

encouraged to explore a new product. This demonstrated the importance of pinpointing problems and crafting solutions aligned to market needs.

Key Mentors Who Equipped the Founder to Take on this Endeavor

The founder credits eminent mentors who guided his entrepreneurial journey, including Professor

Meena Chakraborty, Professor Satish, and Shrisundar Subramaniyam, Head of Incubator and Venture Studio in Ahmedabad.

Their wisdom pushed him to boldly pursue this sanitation mission.

Critical Needs Peeschute Aimed to Address at Inception

When conceiving Peeschute in 2015, the goal was to confront dire issues around maintenance difficulties and public health behaviors.

By embracing innovation and technology focused on sustainability and water conservation, the founder sought to pioneer the next generation of sanitation solutions for India.

Early Days of Peeschute

The fledgling days of Peeschute were marked by exhilarating milestones that catapulted the promising startup onto the national stage. Chief among these was their selection among the top five contestants for both Season 1 and 2 of Sony TV’s hit show Shark Tank India.

This high-profile exposure on primetime television and across Sony’s media ecosystem sparked incredible widespread interest in Peeschute’s innovative sanitation solutions.

“We were flooded with inquiries and orders after Shark Tank,” the founder recalls.

“I remember we could barely keep up with the phone calls coming in, congratulating us and asking how to install our products.”

Peeschute wowed the Sharks and audience with sanitation offerings like mobile urine diversion toilets and sustainable monthly disposal bags. Its solutions tackled the ominous issue of public urination

plaguing many communities while emphasizing accessibility for the elderly and people with disabilities.

The company also scored big wins delivering its bathroom units to major events early on. For

example, Peeschute toilets were used at the 2017 Vadodara Marathon, earning rave reviews from runners for its cleanliness and water conservation-focused design.

Such demonstrations of their reliable and eco-friendly offerings in action paved the way for larger contracts.

Realization of Potential for Social Impact

Around 2017-2018, the Peeschute team witnessed firsthand how its innovative products could have a mammoth positive impact across India. User feedback and case studies evidenced its solutions transforming not just individual lives but whole communities for the better.

The company’s mobile toilet units with urine diversion mechanisms began alleviating the public health menace of outdoor urination spots in urban slums and rural areas. By providing accessible,

hygienic alternatives aligning with cultural preference, instilled a sense of pride while improving quality of life.

In one touching case, Peeschute helped a 70-year-old man with a disability who had crept through

dirty community lanes nightly to discreetly relieve himself. Its mobile urine diversion toilet stationed near his home afforded him dignified access.

Such examples illuminated how Peeschute could enhance mobility, make healthcare facilities more accommodating, and support factory workforces through its forward-thinking offerings. “We recognized that India was ripe for a full-blown sanitation revolution,” notes the founder.

Enhancing Quality of Life

Peeschute made uplifting inroads in enhancing the quality of life across demographics through its innovative workflow. Its mobile toilet solutions aided the elderly and disabled population, providing 24/7 hygienic access and preventing shameful accidents for customers like the 70-year-old man.

Products for residential spaces promoted family health, while water-efficient, low-maintenance offerings at offices, events, and medical facilities encouraged public well-being and pride.

By converting previous open defecation zones into clean communal toilet spaces, the company lifted community spirit. Peeschute also assisted homecare patients in maintaining personal hygiene and

dignity despite their condition.

Across age groups and walks of life, enhanced sanitation access has alleviated the physical, mental, and emotional burden for multitudes of Indians.

“Our products have won people back precious time, health, and dignity,” the founder affirms. “Seeing their transformative impact fuels our desire to aid many more lives.” Early success stories continue inspiring Peeschute to broaden its reach.

Evolution of Sustainable Offerings

Peeschute has continually adapted its product lineup to satisfy evolving consumer and industry needs.

After initial offerings tackled mobility and public sanitation challenges, new solutions catered to healthcare, homes, and offices.

Recent R&D has focused on waterless innovations to align with global sustainability trends.

Remaining Committed to Sustainability

Despite expanding into new realms, Peeschute refuses to compromise on its commitment to

responsible water usage and environmental friendliness. For example, it has transitioned from sodium to land composure in its production, showcasing dedication to reducing waste.

Excitement About Making Global Impact

Peeschute eagerly anticipates taking its sustainable mission worldwide, aiming to be a lifelong sanitation solutions partner from childhood into adulthood.

Given its success in establishing Peeschute as a beloved Indian brand, the team cannot wait to make an imprint worldwide by 2025 as a leader in innovative and eco-friendly sanitation.

Driving Change in Sanitation

Peeschute aspires to spearhead a global movement focused on water conservation in sanitation. It hopes to curb the excessive flushing of precious clean water and pollution of land and rivers.

Through efficiency advancements and innovations, the company envisions sustainably managing vital world water assets.

Aspirations to Transform Sanitation Globally

With sanitation challenges and water crises escalating worldwide, Peeschute has set its sights on enacting large-scale global change.

Having already positively transformed countless Indian communities, the company now boldly aims to replicate this across continents by proliferating sustainable best practices.

Legacy Peeschute Hopes to Leave

Decades down the line, Peeschute dreams of having completely revolutionized perceptions around sanitation.

The company hopes generations will view Peeschute as synonymous with concepts of hygiene, water conservation, and transformative societal advancement through its products and initiatives across India and worldwide.


The founder finds daily inspiration recognizing the immense potential of innovation to better lives. Witnessing the upliftment that Peeschute’s products already bring communities across India reignites his passion for purpose-driven work. He firmly believes businesses can drive incredible social change.

Every team member pours their heart into elevating users’ well-being through progressive offerings catering to all ages and needs.

Innovation for Positive Change

At its core, Peeschute embodies the transformational power of forward-thinking solutions created to enrich society holistically.

As the company charts an ambitious course toward ensuring global access to sustainable sanitation, it carries the inspirational torch of innovation for the greater good. One startup’s ripples can make

waves across oceans.

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