Felix Concepcion Veroya: Helping Individuals Thrive in the Dynamic Landscape of 21st Century

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Image: Felix Concepcion Veroya: Helping Individuals Thrive in the Dynamic Landscape of 21st Century

As global cultures turn into a vortex of constant change and alteration, innovative education and the idea of escape to the spirit of further learning become the ultimate harbinger of change and power.

In this context, organizations that promote lifelong learning have become agents of change, providing ground-breaking programs and creative solutions to assist people in their educational endeavors.

These organizations seek to have a significant and long-lasting influence on communities and cultures around the globe in addition to offering accessible and sustainable learning opportunities.

Through innovative projects, strategic alliances, and a dedication to quality, they aim to enable people to realize their full potential and prosper in the fast-paced 21st-century environment.

Ask Lex PH Academy under the leadership of Felix Concepcion Veroya is a prime example of this.

Working as a Founder & CEO, Felix provides a clear vision sharing its definition to reach strategically determined goals and growth targets, and is responsible for the corresponding planning and management execution.

Apart from these key functions, he leads new product(s) &/or service(s) development undertakings and builds and maintains key alliances in the lifelong learning community. 

From Unlikely Beginnings to Industry Leadership

Just like many students, Industrial Engineering was not Felix’s choice when he entered college but due to certain situations, he ended up obtaining a scholarship at Batangas State University – The National Engineering University.

Even though Felix had a dream to become an educator in a university, this opportunity of scholarship led him to Engineering and eventually to Industrial Engineering.

Regarding the above decision, he tends to stress the significance of the fact that choosing Industrial Engineering as a path that never directly appealed to him was one of the finest choices that God provided.

When Felix realized the possible contribution of Industrial Engineers in improving and innovating processes and industries, he committedly undertook the discipline and has been an advocate of Industrial Engineering development in the Philippines.

Throughout his career journey, Felix has navigated diverse roles, demonstrating versatility and expertise across multiple domains.

Commencing in 2011 as an IE Lecturer at Batangas State University, he imparted knowledge in pivotal subjects such as Probability and Statistics, Production Systems, Industrial Quality Control, Supply Chain Management, and Lean Six Sigma.

Transitioning to industry, Felix assumed roles of increasing responsibility, serving as Logistics Assistant and later Logistics Coordinator at San Miguel Brewery Inc. from 2011 to 2013, where he oversaw operations spanning Batangas, portions of Cavite, and Mindoro.

Charting Impactful Ventures

In 2013, Felix co-founded IExcel CIE Review Center, a testament to his commitment to fostering the growth of aspiring Certified Industrial Engineers.

His contributions extended internationally when he authored his first book published by Bookboon Ltd. during his medical rest period in 2015 due to hyperthyroidism.

Subsequently, from 2015 to 2017, he served as a Process Excellence Black Belt Engineer at HGST Philippines Corp., spearheading critical productivity and quality enhancement projects.

Recognizing his proficiency, he was promoted to Process Excellence Manager from 2017 to 2019, where he set global standards for productivity and quality frameworks.

In parallel, Felix founded Ask Lex PH Academy in 2016, a lifelong learning organization that has since trained and certified over 25,000 individuals worldwide in Industrial Engineering Innovation, Sustainability, Analytics, and Continuous Improvement.

Concurrently, he also assumed the role of Columnist (The Catalyst) at The Philippine Business and News, contributing weekly columns on professional development topics. 

Expanding his impact, Felix co-founded Farm Box PH and TUOS, the 1st Filipino Cloud-Based Data Analytics Platforms in 2021 and 2022 respectively, engaging in agricultural technology initiatives and strategic planning for pioneering technology startups.

In 2023, he commenced serving as an ASEAN Sustainable Business Coach, providing mentorship to MSMEs on sustainability integration, while also assuming the position of Board of Trustee at the Philippine Society for Quality Foundation, actively shaping quality management practices in the Philippines.

In 2024, Felix extended his reach to mental health advocacy by co-founding Connect the Dads, a startup supporting fathers experiencing Paternal Perinatal Depression (PPND) through community-building practices.

Concurrently, he serves as a Productivity & Quality Consultant at the International Trade Center, offering training, consulting, and mentoring to MSMEs in the Philippines.

Throughout his dynamic career trajectory, Felix continues to exemplify dedication, innovation, and leadership across various sectors, leaving a profound impact on both professional and societal realms.

Feathers in the Cap

Felix’s exceptional career journey has been adorned with numerous accolades and recognitions.

Some of them are:

  • Being the first Cum Laude of the BS Industrial Engineering program at Batangas State University
  • Multiple Employee of the Month Awardee in a multinational company
  • Ernst & Young – Young Leader of the Year Grand Winner during the 2020 Asia CEO Awards
  • Asia Global Heroes Award for Community Leadership in Private Sector by the Asian+ Council of Leaders, Administrators, Deans and Educators in Business, Philippines
  • Top 100 Filipinos on LinkedIn Awardee
  • Philippine Top 30 Leaders on LinkedIn Awardee
  • Tatler’s Honoree for GenT List – Asia’s Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Lean Six Sigma Award by the Industrial Engineering & Operations Management (IEOM) International Society
  • Most Professional Training & Consulting Services CEO 2023 for the Philippines by the APAC Insider
  • Presidential Citation Award by the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers during the 25th Anniversary Celebration
  • Fellow on Mental Health by the Young South East Asia Leaders Initiative (YSEALI)
  • International book author of three (3) books on Quality, Productivity, and Lifelong Learning

A Vision for Continuous Growth

Ever since he was in college, Felix has been an admirer and adherent of the set value of lifelong learning, which resulted in the birth of the Ask Lex PH Academy.

In this medium, he aims to foster the love of learning among individuals in different parts of the Philippines as he encourages the youth to continue to learn to enjoy the multiple benefits that come with it.

To this, the academy has started numerous influential programs like the ALAB | ALPHA Leadership Acceleration Bootcamp, ALAM | Analytics for Leaders and Managers, BINHI | Building Innovative Networks and Honing Individuals, conference to name a few of the significant ones; the Philippine Lifelong Learning Conference.

Also, GABAY | Growth & Abilities Blueprint for Aspiring Youths along with Project EskwelenJUAN pointed out how Felix aims at training and enhancing the capabilities of students and the youths aspiring to be professionals across the country.

Specifically, Felix engages in the use of LinkedIn and Facebook accounts as anchor points to share information encouraging continuous learning.

From a speaking engagement point of view, he has so far delivered over 100 speeches including at local and international forums, information which he disseminates on Innovation, Sustainability, Analytics, and Continuous improvement.

Moreover, Felix works as a consultant for different associations which involves offering advice regarding these issues.

An advocate for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Felix actively promotes and implements Goal #4: The first of them is Quality Education, and it ties into the Sustainable Development Goals #8 Decent Work & Economic Growth, SDG #9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, and SDG #17: Partnerships for the Goals.

To ensure that he fulfills these mandates he develops and implements projects and programs to enhance the achievement of these goals.

Besides, through its corporate social responsibility program, Felix has initiated partnerships with organizations that fully endorse and actively engage in the promotion of the UN SDGs.

Helping Individuals Become Significantly Better

Ask Lex PH Academy’s purpose statement goes as “Let’s continue to be #significantlybetter through accessible and sustainable lifelong learning together”.

ALPHA refers to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the mandates of the UNESCO Institute of Lifelong Learning to design and develop projects and programs for Filipino lifelong learning communities.

Its roster of free programs as mentioned in the previous questions helps the academy to create a significant positive change in the lives of community members.

The academy makes lifelong learning accessible and sustainable for lifelong learners in the Philippines and even the South East Asia.

Felix ensures that the academy’s mission in its entirety positively resonates with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and mandates of the UNESCO Institute of Lifelong Learning. In the community, specific research projects involve identifying gaps experienced by lifelong learners and then creating projects or programs to respond to these challenges.

The provision of engagement for the community is enhanced by the provision of information, knowledge, and experiences of people when attending several learning activities provided by the academy.

The company has achieved significant milestones throughout its journey. Some of them are:

  • 2023 Asia CEO Awards Technology Company of the Year Circle of Excellence Award
  • 2022 Asia CEO Awards SME Company of the Year Grand Winner
  • 2021 Homegrown Hero of the Year Business Without Borders Pitch Fest by DTI PTTC and Digital Pilipinas
  • 2021 Championing Lifelong Learning and UN Sustainable Development Goals during the WCP Legacy Awards
  • 2020 Distinguished Institute Providing Effective Online Classes During COVID-19 Era Award during the International Education and Summit Awards
  • 2019 LBC SME Company of the Year Circle of Excellence Finalist during the Asia CEO Awards
  • 2019 Outstanding Management Committee during the International Education and Summit Awards
  • 2019 Premier Training and Certification Provider during the Elite Business and Leadership Awards (National Level)
  • 2019 Most Outstanding Training and Consultancy Services Provider during the 35th Seal of Excellence Awards (National Level)
  • 2019 Best Skills Development Program Provider by the Global Awards for Business & Marketing Excellence

The organization has made remarkable strides in both impact and innovation, continuously pushing boundaries and creating meaningful change in its sphere of influence.

A few examples are:

  • Introduced customized and profile-based learning experience
  • Early adoption of blended learning strategies and cloud solutions for educational technology
  • Use of own learning management system (ALPHA Digital) to reach potential clients and to serve as one of the company’s CSR
  • Seek international accreditations, affiliations, and partnerships to increase brand and portfolio offerings globally
  • Rolled out free learning sessions during the pandemic reaching more than ~100,000 people
  • Create conferences, webinars, and forums all for causes (in benefit of partner NGOs or socio-civic organizations)
  • Introduced ALPHA Coins – a gamified approach for customer retention and lifelong learning that encourages learners to take free courses and earn rewards and coins to be used to purchase premium courses that they want to take on and a rebate of about 5% to 10% of their spending on premium courses
  • Launched ALPHA Network – a network of SMEs and Start-Ups that will share the benefits of providing discounts and privileges to a customer base of fellow SMEs and Start-Ups in the network
  • Designed and developed the ALPHA Mentor Fund that incentivizes ALPHA e-learning mentors who agreed to create and curate their free e-learning courses at ALPHA Digital. Depending on the percentage of completers of the e-learning course against the total completers for the year, pro-rated incentives will be provided to the said mentor.
  • Embraced and launched the Philippine Lifelong Learning Conference which was done in hybrid formats and attended by hundreds of lifelong learners from the Philippines and South East Asia. The conference stages keynote speeches, plenary sessions, panel discussions, fireside chats, and awarding of top lifelong learners in the country.

Enhancing the Accessibility of Learning

Felix and the academy envision a future where lifelong learning is accessible and sustainable for individuals across the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and beyond.

With a focus on the Project EskwelaJUAN initiative, they are dedicated to curating a comprehensive library of free e-learning courses, fostering continuous growth and development for learners.

By integrating innovative features such as gamification and personalized career pathing models into their ALPHA Digital platform, they aim to revolutionize the learning experience and empower individuals to align their skills with their aspirations.

Through strategic partnerships and impactful programs, they strive to leave a lasting legacy of positive transformation, making lives # significantlybetter through the power of lifelong learning.

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