Apple, Google Face EU Probes Under Landmark Digital Markets Act Rules

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Image: Apple, Google Face EU Probes Under Landmark Digital Markets Act Rules

The new EU Digital Markets Act rules against big tech companies are now in effect. Apple and Google know they will likely be the first ones looked at closely.

Word is that the tech giants will have to answer questions under the new Digital Markets Act law. This law aims to make things fairer for smaller companies and protect people’s online privacy and choices.

The DMA started in November. It lets EU watchdogs take a closer look at how companies run their business if they have a huge user base or control a big part of the online economy.

Apple and Google will probably be watched the closest. This is because so many people use their mobile operating systems and app stores. Watchdogs may order changes to how these companies run their app stores to make them fairer.

App Store Policies Under Scrutiny under Digital Markets Act Rules

One big concern is the rules these companies put on app developers and other smaller companies. Sources say Apple and Google may have to loosen control over app distribution and payments under the EU Digital Markets Act. This could mean other app stores and payment options on their phones and tablets.

As the top EU watchdogs said, the DMA tries to address some of the worst practices that really big tech companies do. It aims to level the playing field for smaller rivals and protect people online.

Data Sharing and Interoperability Mandates

Another key focus of the DMA is data sharing and interoperability requirements. 

The legislation could compel Apple and Google to share certain data with rivals and ensure messaging services, voice assistants, and other digital tools can seamlessly interact with competing platforms. 

This is aimed at breaking down the walled gardens that have long been a hallmark of their ecosystems.

Image: Stats showing global Mobile OS Trends

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – OS Market Share

The EU looking into Apple and Google because of these new DMA rules shows a big change in how they plan to deal with huge tech companies. It seems regulators want to get more involved and change how things work online.

When the investigations start, everyone in tech will be watching closely. That’s because what happens could impact a lot – how companies make money, what choices people have, and the future of new ideas online.

This is an important time. Both the big companies and watchdogs need to figure out the right balance. They need to encourage new ideas but also make sure there is fair competition.

The EU is getting ready to ask Apple and Google questions about how their app stores work, what data they share with others, and if they have to make it easier for apps and services to work across platforms. This new Digital Markets Act means those two companies will be in the spotlight.

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