Recognizing the Architects of Change: AWIEF Opens Nominations for 2024

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Image: AWIEF Awards 2024

The Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, or the “AWIEF”, is a prestigious platform. It has celebrated and recognized the achievements of African women entrepreneurs every year.

This year, the AWIEF Awards 2024 will bring exceptional women entrepreneurs to the spotlight. These women are driving economic growth and creating jobs throughout the African continent.

These awards acknowledge the outstanding contributions of women, especially entrepreneurs who have broken barriers. Recognizing these women will empower and inspire a future generation.

The AWIEF will showcase the success stories of these women to the world, thereby also highlighting how they broke gender stereotypes and challenged themselves.

A ceremony like this brings together a diverse community of entrepreneurs and business leaders. It will involve significant investors and policymakers that drive change.

This event as a whole is a celebration of resilience and unbreakable spirit of African women. It brings together women who have broken barriers and made a mark on the business world.

Categories in the AWIEF Awards 2024

The AWIEF Awards 2024 celebrate the achievements of African women entrepreneurs and leaders across various categories.

These categories recognize excellence, innovation, and impact in diverse sectors and stages of entrepreneurship. 

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

This award honors young African women entrepreneurs (typically under 35 years old) who have demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and business success.

Criteria may include the uniqueness of their business idea, scalability, job creation, and social or environmental impact.

Tech Entrepreneur of the Year

This category recognizes African women who have founded or co-founded successful technology-based ventures. The criteria may include the innovative nature of their tech solution, market traction, funding raised, and potential for growth and disruption.

Social Entrepreneur of the Year

This award celebrates African women entrepreneurs whose businesses are addressing pressing social or environmental challenges.

Criteria may include the measurable impact of their venture, sustainability, scalability, and innovative approach to solving complex problems.

Businesswoman of the Year

This prestigious category honors African women who have achieved remarkable success in their respective industries or sectors.

Criteria may include leadership, financial performance, innovation, industry impact, and contribution to the broader business community.

Empowerment Award

This award recognizes individuals or organizations that have made outstanding contributions to empowering African women economically, socially, or politically.

Criteria may include initiatives or programs that have positively impacted women’s lives, promoted gender equality, or created opportunities for women’s advancement.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This special award celebrates the lifetime accomplishments and lasting impact of an exceptional African woman leader or entrepreneur.

Criteria may include their pioneering spirit, resilience, and sustained contribution to empowering women and driving positive change in their communities or industries.

The judging process for the AWIEF Awards is rigorous and involves a panel of esteemed industry experts, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.

Nominees are evaluated based on their achievements, impact, and alignment with the award criteria, ensuring that the winners truly represent excellence and inspiration in their respective fields.


This ceremony is a unique opportunity for both successful leaders as well as budding entrepreneurs. Attendees can learn the best practices and explore collaboration opportunities.

The exhibition component allows women entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services. This allows them to connect with potential investors and partners.

It will serve as a platform for investments in different ventures, more focused on women-led enterprises. It will promote the growth of the African startup ecosystem. 

What is important is to recognize these empowering women entrepreneurs across the continent. This is not just a goal but a necessity for social progress.

The AWIEF Awards 2024 is set to serve as a catalyst for change, an event that inspires future generations of women across Africa.

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