Against All Odds: How One Woman’s Near-Death Experience Sparked A Global Movement for Empowerment

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After one devastating car accident plus a second minor one left her with an ‘irreparable broken neck’ and awaiting hospital admission on a stretcher, Elinor Stutz’s life changed for the better upon receiving two powerful visions.

The first affirmed her lifelong dream of becoming an inspirational global speaker. However, the second vision, which showed her imminent healing, set her entrepreneurial journey in motion, beginning in the ICU.

Her miraculous recovery stunned everyone. Elinor credits her pivotal moment of pledging silently to begin giving back to communities however she may. Though facing doubts from medical staff, Elinor’s inner one is the “Walking Miracle.”

Building Smooth Sale Focused on “Earning a Returning and Referring Clientele” 

Motivated by her second chance at life, Elinor founded Smooth Sale, representing the art of fostering a returning and referring clientele.

As a sales trainer and keynote speaker, she equips clients and audiences with the mindset and methods for relationship-based selling.

Now also an acclaimed international blogger, she spotlights diverse leadership perspectives to pay forward the wisdom she’s gained from adversity. Underlying Smooth Sale’s mission is the conviction that our worst travails often gift us our life’s purpose.

Overcoming Obstacles While Staying True to Herself

Breaking Barriers as a Pioneer Saleswoman

In her previous sales career, as the lone woman hired onto an all-male sales team, Elinor endured immediate doubts and derision. The Sales Director pronounced she’d likely fail as a “stupid female” unworthy of training investment.

Undaunted, Elinor tapped her natural communication talents by taking a Dale Carnegie public speaking course.

Always willing to speak up and ask management pointed questions, she paved the way to success in the profession. Moreover, she enjoyed fun-filled conversations with her prospective clientele.

She dazzled clients who raved about her refreshing approach by mastering relationship-building skills. Within four months, she became the team’s top producer against all odds. 

Embracing Her Communication Talents

Elinor has never fit the typical salesperson mold. With training forbidden, she embraced her innate gifts for captivating storytelling—her willingness to be professionally personal encouraged reciprocal vulnerability from prospects.

Laughter cemented genuine bonds. In the end, closing deals came naturally rather than forced. Elinor remained authentic to her relational strengths.

Turning Adversity into Wisdom for Others

Having endured workplace mistreatment as a young woman, Elinor vowed to redeem those painful experiences. She began courageously sharing once-hidden stories to help audiences learn from the dysfunction.

She builds deep trust with readers and clients by exposing real-world failures with self-effacing humor. Many have described her raw accounts as a breath of fresh air in a rules-obsessed business culture.

Motivating Audiences with Themes on Turning Challenges into Gifts

Elinor translates her rockiest travails into life-affirming wisdom. She rallies people with mantras like “Our worst experiences gift us our purpose” and “Never Give Up – Find A Better Way!” Her mission is to empower dreamers of all backgrounds to channel adversity into greatness.

She epitomizes how to soar after stumbling by spotlighting her fallibilities alongside triumphs. Elinor’s resilience proves that belief and perseverance can help anyone defy limiting odds.

Gaining Influence and Recognition through Her Books

Writing Bestseller Based on Difficult Experiences

Seeking to rebuild her professional reputation after relocating, Elinor endured renewed condescension at an industry conference. Urged to write a book, she took the advice.

Elinor poured out all the raw stories of workplace mistreatment she’d long bottled up. The result was her bluntly-titled memoir “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale,” dubbed “a corporate tell-all.”

By boldly revealing the realities women faced, Elinor earned praise for starting overdue conversations on topics long brushed aside.

Breaking Publishing Records and Reaching International Audiences

To Elinor’s shock, her polarizing tell-all attracted an avalanche of interest. It landed features in TIME Magazine and sparked TV news coverage.

The book proceeded to shatter records as the first say-yes from publishers, quickly becoming an international bestseller translated into four languages.

Today, it enjoys enduring popularity as a business classic. Elinor finally commands the respect and visibility she deserves.

Passing on Advice Through Her Writing 

Despite ascending corporate ladders over time, Elinor always remembered her humble beginnings. She stresses the importance of valuing everyone regardless of rank or role.

Early in her career, bonding with smokers and basement-dwellers won their support to connect her with elite executives. Kindness remains her compass.

Encouraging Readers to “Never Give Up”  

Having endured decades of prejudice for being female, Elinor urges readers to stay determined against detractors. She advises putting on a metaphorical “well-oiled superwoman cape” to repel attacks and keep soaring.

Her motto rings clear: “Never Give Up – Find A Better Way!” Resilience rules.

Building a Legacy of Motivation and Inclusion

Captivating Audiences with Her Speaking Style

Mentored by renowned speaker Les Brown, Elinor learned to grab attention immediately by asking, “How will you respond if given just one minute to save your life?”

This high-stakes question compelled audiences to confront their priorities. Elinor then seamlessly wove in her against-the-odds journey of healing after one wrecked car plus a dent in another left her neck irreparably shattered.

This signature opener established her authority and vulnerability in one thought-provoking question.

Receiving Standing Ovations for Her Authentic Delivery

Far from slick, Elinor wins over rooms through courageous candor. She tackled taboos like workplace bias years before #MeToo. Laughing and crying alongside listeners, her emotional bravery earned trust.

Audiences rose for deafening standing ovations, demanding encores.

Over time, thanks to word-of-mouth praise, Elinor secured invitations to speak at prominent conferences worldwide.

Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A lifetime facing sexism and dismissal could have quickly hardened Elinor’s heart. Instead, it expanded her empathy for marginalized people while highlighting the need for radical change.

She recognized that creating equitable systems lifts everyone. These insights now shape her writing and outreach.

Educating Others to Embrace Fairness and Equality

Elinor utilizes her influence to advocate for vulnerable groups and initiate crucial conversations. Her blogs and all communications promote inclusive cultures where people feel safe bringing their whole selves to work.

Additionally, she collaborates with leading diversity-focused organizations.

After years of feeling like an outlier, Elinor utilizes her platform to help organizations realize the business imperative for equality – her life’s crowning work.

Carrying Her Mission Forward through Smooth Sale

Embodying Her Relationship-Building Approach

Central to Smooth Sale’s renowned training is Elinor’s rule to understand others’ contexts before seeking to be understood.

She revolutionized selling by asking “Why?” upfront – why prospects agreed to meet, what pain points they face, and how she can add value. This radical curiosity cements trust and surfaces real needs.

Bonding Over Shared Stories and Laughter

Smooth Sale’s relational methodology encourages mutually revealing story swaps that humanize sterile business dealings. Elinor models self-disclosing first to prompt reciprocal openness from clients. Shared laughter seals these bonds.

Her warmth dismantles hierarchical barriers that strain engagement. At heart, she views sales as people serving people.

Reaching Business Leaders through Her Blog

Expand Elinor’s impact; the Smooth Sale blog features multiplying contributors across fields. This kaleidoscope of perspectives spotlights broader insights for readers on conquering adversity in business and life.

By elevating marginalized voices, Elinor seeds courage in those facing similar trials on their climb upwards. Her inclusivity multiplies motivation.

Advocating for Women Through Storytelling and Example

Smooth Sale provides a bullhorn for women’s stories of shattering barriers. Elinor calls for societies where everyone stands equal chances to excel and earn fair rewards for their efforts.

She urges women to stand up to injustice while modeling resilience through her lived trailblazing. Via her uncompromising voice and vulnerability, Elinor continues fueling female empowerment worldwide.

Conclusion: Living Life Your Way

Despite ongoing marginalization, Elinor refused conformity and compromised standards to succeed on her unique terms. She wants people to realize they possess the power to filter out external noise and judgment to uncover their innate gifts.

By embracing uniqueness and chasing dreams societal gatekeepers deem impossible, anything is achievable. Elinor stresses staying authentic to one’s ideals rather than forcing an image to appease critics. Refuse regret.

Building a Just Society for Future Generations

Having endured decades of prejudice firsthand, Elinor feels compelled to fight for equitable conditions, allowing everyone to thrive. While race, gender, and other traits should not determine destinies, current realities too often dictate otherwise.

But by boldly speaking the truth and living by example, Elinor progresses culture. Her advocacy seeds hope for her grandchildren’s generation to inherit a society that leaves bias behind and instead aligns with the possibility for all to make their dreams a reality.

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