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Cathleen Beerkens is the founder of A Wellness Revolution, a Health Educator, an Integrated Health Coach, and a Healing Facilitator. Cathleen was inspired to start A Wellness Revolution based on observations from her childhood.

As a child, she believed in a world filled with goodness and love. However, she also recognized that the world was highly disconnected and out of balance.

Cathleen observed how this disconnection negatively affected her family, community, and the broader world.

From a young age, she felt a calling to help people learn to take better care of themselves and heal. She eventually realized that coaching was a very effective strategy to help them make changes that support improved health and wellness.

Alignment with Personal Philosophy

Cathleen has worked for years as a nurse in the traditional healthcare system. She was impacted by the lack of time medical professionals had to empower real lifestyle changes for their patients.

Health and wellness coaching is an emerging profession that helps mainstream medicine provide more personalized care and attention.

Cathleen’s philosophy focuses on the body, mind, emotion, and spirit complex, which influences wellness. She has since written a book explaining her journey and these connections entitled Your Creator Matrix.

She aims to train coaches holistically who can promote whole-person wellness versus just treating illnesses. Founding A Wellness Revolution has allowed Cathleen to follow her purpose of helping transform healthcare into a more holistic, connection-centered, and wellness-driven system.

Signature Services

Unique Approach

  1. Holistic Certification Health and Wellness Coaching Course: A Wellness Revolution offers a 6-month Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching Course that focuses on understanding the connections between the body, mind, emotions, and spirit complex.

    Students are exposed to emerging sciences like epigenetics, neuroscience, quantum physics, and glycoscience which offer a more holistic vision of wellness, especially at the cellular level.
  1. New Sciences: These new sciences help students grasp concepts like cellular health renewal being vital for the overarching wellness of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit complex.

    The course curriculum emphasizes how these intersecting fields showcase wellness in a modern, scientific light.
  1. Personalized Mentoring: Each student receives tailored one-on-one mentoring sessions with coaches to support their personalized learning journey throughout the 6-month program.
  1. Focus on Application: Students complete oral exams focused on integrating and applying course material to real-world coaching.

    There is less emphasis placed on rote memorization.

Client Transformations

Lifestyle & Behavior Changes: Clients work with A Wellness Revolution coaches to manifest healthier lifestyles and habits aligned with their authentic selves.

This allows them to become the best version of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

  1. Finding Purpose: Many clients discover their greater purpose in life and meaningful career paths to pursue through the introspection and coaching process.
  1. Career Changes: Some clients transition to entirely new vocations that resonate with their passions, talents, and interests after working with A Wellness Revolution.

Examples include becoming health coaches themselves to pay forward the benefits to others.

Vision and Values

Overarching Vision

  1. Transform Illness-Driven System: Cathleen’s overall vision is to help transform the current illness-based-care system into one focused on fostering health, wellness, and prevention.
  1. Develop Wellness Coaches: A key part of this entails developing qualified professionals who can coach others to achieve holistic balance and well-being across body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
  1. Unify Like-Minded People: Cathleen also wants the company to facilitate connecting people worldwide who share similar values related to health, harmony, and wholeness.

    This global community can support consciousness shifting.

Alignment with Programs and Services

Importance of Accreditation: Cathleen recognizes that for the emerging field of health and wellness coaching to mature, greater regulation and accreditation standards must be implemented industry wide.

This will allow more coaches to integrate into mainstream medical systems.

Entry into Mainstream Medicine: By ensuring high-quality training and certification, A Wellness Revolution is preparing coaches to meet expected future benchmarks that will deem them qualified to consult patients alongside doctors, nurses, and other traditional healthcare workers.

This will facilitate further transitioning for medicine to become more prevention and wellness based.

Personal Wellness Practices

Rituals and Self-Care

Cathleen prioritizes carving out time for self-reflection and personal growth. Her self-care rituals include:

  • Meditation and chanting
  • Consuming healthy, organic foods and supplements
  • Walking, yoga
  • Twice-yearly detoxing
  • Visiting energy healers when needing extra support
  • Surrounding herself with a supportive community
  • Making space for enjoyable activities like teaching, reading, and research

Key Tips and Habits

Raise frequency – She focuses on elevating her energetic frequency through practices like meditation to enhance her self-healing abilities and trust her life’s journey.

Find community – Having supportive people around her facilitates growth, learning, and overall well-being.

Supplementation – Cathleen credits her over 20-year daily regimen of taking natural supplements as significantly supporting her health and vitality.

By prioritizing self-care through routines like spiritual connection, clean eating, being in nature, and engaging in fulfilling activities, Cathleen models the holistic wellness principles she aims to impart to clients.

Her personal habits align with the mindset shifts and lifestyle changes she works to create in others.

Success Stories


Enhanced Personal Growth: Past student Justyna found the coaching course was deeply healing and allowed her to gain a more profound understanding of human wellbeing by connecting dots about physical, emotional, and spiritual facets.

She feels better equipped to help transform client’s lives with this knowledge.

Discovered Purpose: Student Iliana initially took the course to expand her yoga teaching skills but ended up discovering a passion for massage therapy and hands-on healing.

This career shift completely transformed her life path.

Actionable Business Growth: Graduate Heather gained invaluable skills to elevate her health coaching business. The in-depth self-development aspects also fueled profound personal breakthroughs for her.

Celebrating Achievements

Graduation Ceremonies: At the end of the 6-month program, A Wellness Revolution hosts a special ceremony to honor graduates and allow them to share learnings and wins.

Continued Education & Reunions: As lifetime members of the Continuing Education Program, alumni remain connected long-term and can participate in ongoing training, conferences, community discussions, and celebratory reunions.

By spotlighting graduate testimonials and offering milestone celebrations, A Wellness Revolution emphasizes the human side of transformation made possible through their wellness training programs.

Innovations in Wellness Tech

Enhancing Experience

YouTube Interviews: A Wellness Revolution shares video interviews on their YouTube channel with various professionals discussing integrative health topics.

This multimedia content makes learning interactive.

Emerging Modalities: Interview subjects highlight innovative modalities like sound/light therapy beds, med beds using etheric quantum technology, and frequency-balancing rooms.

Exploring these advances inspires possibilities.

Virtual Learning: The online coaching course, back-office study portal, and connectivity across global students fosters an engaging, tech-enabled educational journey.

Accessibility and Personalization

Bioindividuality Focus: Coursework emphasizes personalized wellness based on each person’s unique makeup including DNA, life experiences, beliefs, etc. Technology allows customization.

Subconscious Reprogramming: Students learn tools like Emotional Freedom Technique tapping that can help clients release limiting beliefs and patterns.

Remote Offerings: Conducting the course virtually allows students across the world to participate, interact, and share diverse experiences – making teachings broadly accessible.

Blending new modalities, virtual collaboration, customization, and subconscious work powered by tech, A Wellness Revolution harnesses digital capabilities to democratize and personalize transformative wellness experiences.

Influential Resource

Early Inspiration: One impactful early resource for Cathleen was the book “Hands of Light” by author Barbara Brennan.

A spiritual healer gave her this book on energy healing, opening up an intriguing new dimension of holistic wellness.

Upcoming Book Launch: Cathleen is publishing her own book in March 2024 titled “Your Creator Matrix” which will be debuted in New York. The book explores concepts like:

  • The interconnectedness of body, mind, emotions, and spirit
  • Nurturing this complex human system
  • Integrating all facets amidst a major global shift in consciousness occurring

Approach to Wellness and Offerings

Cathleen’s immersive research across areas like integrative medicine, biofield science, spirituality, holistic nutrition, and more stoke her unique approach to human thriving.

Key influences and case studies will inform the content within her book – encapsulating her wellness philosophy.

The teachings imparted aim to guide audiences on optimizing health across physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.

Future Aspirations

Goals for Expansion

Looking ahead, in addition to its core certification program, A Wellness Revolution aims to launch a second course focused exclusively on self-healing.

This stems from the philosophy that you must first help yourself before effectively guiding others. The self-care space continues rapidly growing.

Align with Wellness Landscape

As integrative health and individualized care gain momentum due to trends like consumer empowerment, personalized medicine, and biohacking, a self-directed healing course aligns strategically.

It will equip clients with tangible tools and inspire ownership over sustainably elevating their vitality long-term versus chasing quick fixes.

Get Involved

Cathleen emphasizes that to be part of revolutionizing wellness, the initial step is taking full responsibility for one’s own lifestyle choices and willingness to do self-work.

From there, A Wellness Revolution’s coaching certification offers an accessible pathway to further specialize in order to guide others on their wellbeing journeys.

Aspiring coaches can positively impact communities by sharing this whole-person and holistic health approach.

The future course offering focused on sustainable self-healing practices demonstrates how A Wellness Revolution continues bridging strategic education aligned with the changing wellness landscape needs and opportunities.

By championing self-empowerment, their graduates lead grassroots improvement.

Message to Aspiring Wellness Enthusiasts

“When you make the pivotal decision to fully take ownership over your health and wellbeing – committing to proactively nurture your body, mind, and spirit – you begin an incredible journey of optimization and self-actualization.

The initial step entails mental readiness and eagerness for self-work. From there, explore the multitude of holistic resources available to guide your customized pathway.

Consider investing in your growth through avenues like A Wellness Revolution’s Certified Health and Wellness Coaching course to further elevate your lifestyle, habits, and purpose.

Imagine implementing small, sustainable changes each day that compound over weeks and months into radically enhanced energy, resilience, and empowerment.

Picture graduating from procrastinating your dreams into actively living them – thriving in vibrant alignment with your authentic health.

Witness relationships blossoming, abundance multiplying, and a deeper connection unfolding to your inner wisdom.

This is the power of committing to your well-being first and foremost. Your renewed state permeates all of life’s facets.

The future of healthcare lies within each individual proactively tapping into their innate self-healing potential rather than expecting an expert to swoop in and ‘fix’ them.

Yet realizing optimal well-being often requires support and a plan just as constructing a home uses an architect’s blueprint.

Know there exist compassionate coaches and communities ready to champion your goals.”


Cathleen Beerkens

Founder – A Wellness Revolution

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