AI Retreat 2024: Fueling the Next Wave of AI Entrepreneurship

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Recently, Dubai hosted a global conference- the AI Retreat 2024. This event focused mainly on the progress and promise of artificial intelligence.

The two-day event covered many interesting topics including the expansion of AI, it’s capabilities and policies surrounding it. The main highlights from this event included intriguing discussions on policies and perspective, all of them around the development of AI and how it is being adopted.

There were over 2,500 attendees from major corporations and tech startups. People working with policy changes from governments participated as well.

The AI Retreat 2024 turned out to be a landmark event in Dubai by bringing together key stakeholders and significant speakers from across the industry.

Key Discussion Areas and Forums at the AI Retreat 2024

Some of the key discussion areas and specialized forums at the AI Retreat 2024 included:

  • AI Integration Forum – focused on accelerating practical AI adoption and mitigating disruption across economic sectors. 
  • AI Research Forum – explored advances in core and applied AI research and development.
  • AI Startup Launchpad – enabled startups to showcase innovative AI solutions to potential investors and partners.  
  • AI Governance Roundtable – discussed frameworks and policies required to govern ethical AI development.

The event provided an opportunity to discuss both the tremendous potential of AI as well as some of the complex challenges that need to be addressed responsibly as AI becomes mainstream.

Role of Public-Private Partnerships

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) have emerged as a critical driving force for AI development and integration. The AI Retreat 2024 provided an ideal platform for such collaborations by bringing together key stakeholders from the government, private sector, and academia. 

Government initiatives

The UAE government has been at the forefront of launching pioneering initiatives to build a robust AI infrastructure. The recent launch of the Dubai AI strategy aims to position Dubai as a global leader in AI by 2030.

The strategy focuses on boosting AI talent development, ensuring data availability, building an innovation-enabling environment, and aligning regulations with ethical AI standards. 

The government is also investing heavily in developing AI-focused research centers. The Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Artificial Intelligence and the Emirates Research and Development Council are key institutions leading the nation’s AI research agenda.

Academicians at these centers are collaborating actively with corporate partners on various AI applications.

Corporate investments in AI  

Private companies in the UAE are ramping up investments in AI to drive efficiency and unlock new revenue opportunities.

Industries like banking, healthcare, transportation, energy, and tourism are emerging as major adopters of AI. For instance, Emirates Airlines is using AI-based technologies to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.  

Leading corporations have also launched dedicated venture capital arms, incubators, and accelerators to fund AI startups.

The Dubai Future Accelerators program facilitates collaborations between government and private entities to co-create technological solutions for the future. Corporate investment is thus enabling more experimentation and innovation in the AI space.

Academic Collaborations

The UAE is home to several leading universities undertaking pioneering AI research, including New York University Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates University, and Khalifa University. Increased industry-academia engagement is leading to impactful, real-world AI applications.  

For example, NYUAD has partnered with Abu Dhabi Department of Health to apply AI for earlier diagnosis of chronic diseases. Similarly, UAE University researchers are collaborating with government organizations on using AI for water resource management and sustainable agriculture in arid climates.  

Such collaborative efforts are helping translate AI research into practical use cases with economic and social benefits. Academicians are also guiding policymakers on ethical deployment of AI to uphold human values.

The AI Retreat 2024 recognized that multi-stakeholder partnerships can accelerate AI innovation and adoption at scale in the UAE. By synergizing capabilities across the public sector, private sector, and universities, the nation can unlock the full transformative potential of AI.


This grand event brought together 2500 experts. People that contribute to real and significant change took part, including policymakers and leaders in the industry.

The discussions that took place resulted in strategies that are actionable. These strategies involved data usage and data flows as well as the development of AI in a sustainable manner. Changes in the industry can only be made when there is collaborative effort from private and public sectors of the field. 

Events like this ensure that there is essential education surrounding Artificial intelligence. Both individuals and businesses must first be well informed of the subject before implementing the technology.

Holding an event like this means Dubai is committed to integrating AI in a responsible manner. The nation is doing this by establishing comprehensive guidelines and developing policies that are innovation friendly.

Artificial intelligence is the cornerstone of technological development in 2024. By hosting events like this Dubai is staying ahead of the curve.

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