Andrey Berezin: The Man Behind Euroinvest

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Audrey Berezin had achieved heights of success in importing consumer goods and established a foothold in the fishing industry. 

However, Berezen wanted to create an enterprise with a legacy and made a mark in the economic landscape.

Soon enough, a strategic land acquisition paved the way to the making of Euroinvest, a holding company that redefined urban living in St. Petersburg.


Euroinvest, co-founded by Andrey Berezin and Yuri Vasiliev in 1995, started as an investment firm focused on securities trading.

However, the company quickly diversified into real estate and land development, recognizing the untapped potential in the region’s burgeoning residential market.

With a strategic vision and a commitment to quality, Euroinvest Development, the construction arm of the holding company, emerged in 2017, specializing in comprehensive residential projects that seamlessly integrate housing, social infrastructure, and commercial spaces.

As St. Petersburg’s population swelled and the demand for housing skyrocketed, the city’s suburbs faced an unprecedented influx of residents seeking affordable living spaces.

However, the existing residential developments often lacked cohesion, failing to provide the necessary social infrastructure and amenities that foster a true sense of community. Berezin recognized this glaring issue and the opportunity it presented.

The challenge was multifaceted: not only did Euroinvest need to construct high-quality housing units at a pace that could keep up with the region’s rapid growth, but it also had to seamlessly integrate essential components like schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational spaces.

Failure to address this holistic need would result in soulless, disconnected communities that ultimately stifled the region’s potential for sustainable growth.

The Strategy

Berezin and his team at Euroinvest Development embarked on an ambitious pivot, redefining the concept of residential development.

Rather than simply erecting housing complexes, they adopted a comprehensive approach that prioritized the creation of self-sustaining, vibrant communities. This shift required a multifaceted strategy:

  1. Land Acquisition and Strategic Planning: Leveraging Euroinvest’s extensive land bank and market insights, the company carefully selected prime locations for its residential projects, ensuring proximity to existing transportation networks and future development plans.
  2. Integrated Design: Euroinvest Development’s in-house team of architects, urban planners, and engineers collaborated to design residential complexes that seamlessly incorporated educational institutions, healthcare facilities, retail spaces, and recreational areas. This integrated approach ensured that residents had access to all essential amenities within their immediate vicinity.
  3. Partnerships and Collaborations: To enhance the quality and diversity of its offerings, Euroinvest Development forged strategic partnerships with renowned educational institutions, healthcare providers, and commercial partners. These collaborations enabled the company to deliver world-class facilities and services within its residential communities.
  4. Sustainable Development: Recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship, Euroinvest Development embraced sustainable building practices, incorporating energy-efficient technologies, green spaces, and eco-friendly transportation solutions into its projects.
  5. Financial Stability: Unlike many competitors who relied heavily on external financing, Euroinvest Development operated primarily with its own capital reserves, ensuring financial stability and minimizing risks associated with fluctuating market conditions.


Euroinvest Development’s transformative approach to residential development has yielded remarkable results.

Since its inception, the company has delivered over 500,000 square meters of housing, with an additional 500,000 square meters currently under construction.

However, the true impact extends far beyond mere square footage.

The company’s residential complexes, such as iD Murino, iD Kudrovo, and iD Park Pobedy, have become vibrant, self-sufficient communities that offer residents a high quality of life.

Families can access top-notch educational facilities, healthcare services, and recreational amenities without venturing far from their homes.

This integration has fostered a strong sense of community and social cohesion, attracting residents from diverse backgrounds and contributing to the region’s overall growth and prosperity.

Closing thoughts

Euroinvest Development’s success story serves as an important case study of a company that grew holistically and embraced sustainability.

The company integrated housing, infrastructure and engaged in building a better community. By doing so Euroinvest has redefined residential development while contributing to social well-being.

Euroinvest’s commitment to building financial stability through strategic partnerships highlights the importance of business models that can withstand economic fluctuations.

This company shows that the integrated holistic approach is what creates a standing and contributes to communities.

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