Dreamcraft launches €66M fund for SaaS and Fintech

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Dreamcraft Ventures is positioned to be one of Europe’s early stage investors. The company did this through a unique “venture engineering” approach.

The innovative firm is expanding its geographical footprint and investment capacity, showing a steep growth.

The venture capital firm primarily focused on early-stage tech startups is set all across europe. 

The company has been expanding over 50 years along with European tech and entrepreneurs.

This firm, based in Luxembourg emphasizes on “venture engineering” approach which is designed to provide hands-on support and add value to its portfolio.

Dreamcraft aims to bring operational expertise and global business expertise to european founders who are ambitious.

The Dreamcraft Ventures Fund

Dreamcraft Ventures Fund II, at €66 million. This latest fundraise builds on the success of the firm’s first fund.

With Fund II, Dreamcraft attracted commitments from a global mix of institutional investors, including pension funds, insurance companies, fund of funds, family offices, and high net worth individuals.

New investors in the latest fund include the European Investment Fund (EIF) and British Patient Capital. Dreamcraft expects Fund II to further expand its geographic reach as an investor across European startup hubs.

While Dreamcraft is headquartered in Vienna, the firm has been actively growing its presence in Germany through a Berlin office.

With its second fund, Dreamcraft now plans to ramp up investments in additional markets like France, Spain and the Nordics.

Further Expansion with Fund II

As Dreamcraft Ventures looks ahead after closing its €66 million second fund, the firm aims to expand its presence across Europe.

Dreamcraft plans to leverage its operational hands-on approach to venture engineering in new geographies.  

Dreamcraft has already begun scouting Germany for additional startup investment opportunities. With Europe’s largest economy, Germany offers a deep talent pool and thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The firm seeks to tap into this environment, bringing its unique value-add through venture engineering. Beyond Germany, Dreamcraft has explored potential deals in the Nordics, Benelux region, France and central/eastern Europe.

The firm takes a targeted approach, identifying clusters where its operating model can drive outsized startup returns.
Dreamcraft’s data-driven investment process allows efficient expansion across the continent.

Takeaways from the Dreamcraft Ventures Funding

As a venture capital firm, Dreamcraft Ventures prides itself on being reliable. It is a long-term partner for the ambitious founders it backs, rather than just a source of funding. 

The firm focuses on maintaining a hands-on support model, not just during the early rounds, but also throughout the funding stages.

This long-term outlook results in a unique way that Dreamcraft structures its investments. The strategy involves reserving a portion of committed capital to participate in follow-on rounds.

The firm also connects founders with later-stage VCs when the time comes for larger Series B raises. Dreamcraft puts great importance on trust and transparency to provide entrepreneurs with stability. 

By providing support and strategic plans, Dreamcraft is able to see itself as co-founders in major success stories.

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