Empathy in Practice: How Bricker Graydon’s Client-Centric Approach Redefines Legal Excellence

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With a career spanning over three decades, Mina Jones Jefferson has dedicated herself to cultivating meaningful connections and delivering unparalleled service within the legal sphere.

As Bricker Graydon’s Chief Culture & Engagement Officer, her passion for fostering lasting relationships resonates through the firm’s ethos, guiding its unwavering commitment to deeply understanding and empathizing with each client’s unique needs.

Bricker Graydon’s recent merger has amplified its ability to provide exceptional legal services rooted in deep empathy and understanding.

By combining the complementary strengths of two respected Ohio-based firms, this dynamic partnership has unlocked a wealth of expanded capabilities, enabling it to better serve clients across diverse sectors while upholding its core values of trust, shared success, and an unwavering dedication to solving complex challenges.

With a rich history in both the private and public sectors, Bricker Graydon’s attorneys bring a well-rounded perspective to every case, tailoring their approach to seamlessly align with each client’s specific goals and circumstances.

This merger has not only broadened the firm’s geographic reach but has also catalyzed an invigorating culture of collaboration, innovation, and personal growth – ensuring that clients receive unparalleled service from a team of passionate professionals committed to their success.

The Visionary Leader: Mina Jones Jefferson

Professional Journey

1. Early Years in Commercial Litigation: Mina Jones Jefferson’s illustrious career began in the trenches of commercial litigation, where she honed her legal acumen for nearly a decade, rising through the ranks from associate to partner.

It was during these formative years that she developed a passion for identifying and nurturing talent, actively engaging in the firm’s recruiting and training endeavors.

2. Transition to Legal Education and Talent Development: Driven by her zeal for cultivating rising legal minds, Jefferson made a pivotal transition to the University of Cincinnati College of Law.

Here, she directed the career development function, ultimately ascending to the role of Chief of Staff for the Dean.

For two decades, she dedicated herself to shaping the next generation of attorneys, instilling in them the values of professionalism, empathy, and a deep commitment to client service.

3. Return to Law Firm Arena as Chief People Officer: After her esteemed tenure in legal education, Jefferson’s journey came full circle with her return to the law firm arena in 2021.

Joining a firm of 130 professionals, including 75 attorneys, as the Chief People Officer, she reignited her passion for talent acquisition and development, while also focusing on organizational health and employee engagement – critical components of a thriving legal practice.

Current Role: Chief Culture & Engagement Officer

1. Fostering a Unified Culture Post-Merger: When Bricker Graydon embarked on its transformative merger, Jefferson’s role evolved to meet the demands of this pivotal transition.

As the Chief Culture & Engagement Officer, she has become the driving force behind unifying the firm’s culture, seamlessly blending the strengths and values of the two legacy firms into a cohesive, dynamic whole.

2. Emphasizing the Importance of “Culture Eating Strategy”: With an acute understanding that a strong, aligned culture is the bedrock of any successful organization, Jefferson firmly believes that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Her unwavering commitment to fostering an environment that celebrates diversity, collaboration, and a shared vision for excellence has been instrumental in ensuring Bricker Graydon’s post-integration success.

Through her visionary leadership, Mina Jones Jefferson has become a guiding force within Bricker Graydon, championing the firm’s core values of trust, empathy, and a relentless pursuit of client satisfaction.

Her journey exemplifies the power of passion, perseverance, and a deep-rooted belief in the transformative potential of cultivating exceptional legal talent.

Building Meaningful Client Relationships

Bricker Graydon’s Approach

1. Committed to being an “indispensable partner” by forging lasting bonds with clients built on trust, deep understanding, and shared success.

2. Core values of trust, understanding, and shared success guide the delivery of professional, proficient legal services tailored to unique client needs and goals.

Success Story

1. Combining legal expertise with genuine empathy has yielded remarkable results, though details remain confidential.

2. The merger expanded the firm’s services and expertise, now offering comprehensive solutions previously unavailable.

Bricker Graydon understands true partnership transcends transactions. By fostering trust, empathy, and shared success, the firm guides clients through complex legal challenges with unwavering dedication.

Expanding Geographic Reach, Enhancing Client Services

Strategic Expansion

1. Now 12 offices across Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana to better serve clients and communities through increased presence and accessibility.

2. The upcoming strategic plan will guide future growth and enhance the range of client services.

Complementary Practices from Merger

Blended public sector expertise with private sector focus, creating powerful synergies.

Allows offering tailored, comprehensive solutions transcending boundaries by leveraging collective knowledge and experience.

The strategic expansion aligns growth with client/community needs. Harnessing complementary practices positions Bricker Graydon to redefine legal service delivery boundaries.

Tailoring Legal Services Across Sectors

Ensuring Proficient and Customized Solutions

1. Treating Client Interactions as True Relationships: At Bricker Graydon, client interactions are not merely transactions; they are true relationships built on a foundation of trust, understanding, and shared goals.

The firm’s attorneys recognize that each client’s needs are unique, shaped by the nuances of their industry, organizational culture, and individual circumstances.

It is this profound appreciation for the human element that underpins Bricker Graydon’s ability to deliver proficient and customized legal solutions.

2. Dedicated Partnership in Solving Problems: Bricker Graydon approaches every engagement with a collaborative spirit, positioning itself as a dedicated partner in solving its clients’ most pressing challenges.

Rather than merely providing legal counsel, the firm’s attorneys immerse themselves in their clients’ worlds, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their objectives, pain points, and long-term aspirations.

This deep-rooted commitment to partnership empowers Bricker Graydon to craft tailored strategies that address the root causes of issues, paving the way for lasting solutions.

Cross-Sector Success Story (Anonymous for Confidentiality)

1. Leveraging Combined Experience in Public and Private Sectors: While the specific details must remain confidential, Bricker Graydon’s ability to leverage its combined experience in both the public and private sectors has proven invaluable in achieving remarkable outcomes for its clients.

By drawing upon the diverse expertise and perspectives of its attorneys, the firm has demonstrated a unique capacity to navigate the intricate legal landscapes of both domains.

2. Achieving Positive Outcomes Through Expanded Capabilities: The merger has amplified Bricker Graydon’s capabilities, enabling it to deliver positive outcomes that were previously unattainable for either of the legacy firms individually.

By harnessing the collective strengths of its combined talent pool, the firm has successfully tackled complex legal challenges, providing clients with comprehensive solutions that transcend traditional boundaries.

Bricker Graydon’s commitment to tailoring its legal services across sectors is rooted in a profound understanding that true excellence lies in the ability to adapt and evolve.

By treating each client interaction as a sacred partnership, and by leveraging its diverse expertise across the public and private spheres, the firm has positioned itself as a trusted ally, capable of delivering proficient and customized solutions that drive lasting success.

Fostering Professional Growth and Thriving Culture

Supporting Attorney Development

1. Collaborative goal setting aligns firm objectives with attorneys’ aspirations.

2. Nurtures attorneys as thought leaders through publishing, events. Encourages community engagement.

What Sets the Firm Apart

1. Personal approach tailoring experiences to each attorney’s needs and well-being.

2. Foster’s entrepreneurial mindset – innovation, risk-taking, exceeding client expectations.

Bricker Graydon invests in attorney development through personalized growth opportunities within a supportive, thriving culture. This holistic approach empowers success for both attorneys and the firm.

The Pivotal Role of Professional Staff

Key Department Contributions

1. Finance, accounting, marketing, and IT teams are crucial for financial management, branding, operations, and technology.

2. These departments collaborate to manage systems supporting core operations like e-billing, pricing, and business development.

Career Growth Opportunities

1. Increasing roles in e-billing, pricing, and profitability to drive financial innovation and efficiency.

2. Need for change management professionals to navigate transformations, and c-suite business development driving strategic growth.

Bricker Graydon’s professional staff across departments play an indispensable role. The firm fosters an environment valuing their skill growth, innovation, and collaboration for overall success.

Future Vision and Continued Commitment

Forthcoming Strategic Plan as “North Star”

A comprehensive strategic plan will guide Bricker Graydon’s future decisions and actions for continued growth, innovation and exceptional legal services delivery.

Unwavering Client Focus  

The firm’s core ethos remains solving clients’ complex problems through innovative solutions leveraging collective expertise, measuring success by tangible client impact.

Fostering Lasting Client Relationships

Bricker Graydon is committed to building lasting client partnerships based on empathy, understanding unique needs, and cultivating trust and mutual respect.

Guided by its strategic plan and client-centric values, the firm will continue redefining legal service boundaries while making an indelible impact.

Parting Note

Bricker Graydon exemplifies excellence in fostering lasting client relationships based on empathy, trust, and shared success. The firm seamlessly merged through visionary leadership, emerging as a powerhouse with expanded reach and complementary expertise.

Experience Bricker Graydon’s exceptional services as an indispensable partner. With deep knowledge across sectors and dedication to understanding unique client needs, the firm delivers tailored solutions that drive lasting success.

Partner with a team built on trust, empathy, and commitment to excellence. Unlock your legal goals through professionalism, proficiency, and relentless pursuit of positive outcomes.

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