The Art of the Possible: Trustmarque’s Journey to Technology Leadership

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Trustmarque is a leading UK-based technology solutions provider with almost 40 years of experience delivering innovative solutions to public and private sector clients.

Originally founded as a value-added reseller, Trustmarque has grown into a technology powerhouse with extensive capabilities across cloud, security, networking, digital workspace, and software asset management.

Following a recent rebrand and change in senior leadership, Trustmarque is entering an exciting period of growth and expansion. The company has made several strategic acquisitions, including Livingstone Group, an international software asset management firm.

Current Growth and Changes

Under its new leadership, Trustmarque is focused on accelerating growth by enhancing its services and expanding internationally.

Trustmarque now holds the prestigious Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider designation, recently refreshed its brand identity, and is actively fostering a culture centered on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

By investing in its people, building partnerships, and delivering cutting-edge customized solutions, Trustmarque aims to continue its upward growth trajectory.

Key Principles Guiding Technology Strategy

Trustmarque follows three vital principles to navigate the complex technology landscape – customer-centricity, agility, and partnership.

Trustmarque puts clients first, seeking to deeply understand their needs and challenges. The company prides itself on taking an agile approach, continuously evaluating and integrating the latest technologies.

Additionally, Trustmarque believes in the power of partnerships with clients, vendors, and the community to drive innovation.

By upholding these principles and staying relentlessly focused on adding value, Trustmarque has built trust and delivered successful outcomes for clients over decades. As emerging technologies open new opportunities, Trustmarque is poised to help clients realize value through strategic adoption.

Navigating the Technology Landscape

Customer-centric Approach

Trustmarque takes a customer-first approach to technology, prioritizing clients’ specific needs and desired outcomes over products. Through regular roundtables, ideation workshops, and account management, Trustmarque maintains an intimate understanding of customers’ priorities, challenges, and aspirations.

This insight informs solution design from the ground up. Rather than taking an off-the-shelf product approach, Trustmarque co-creates customized technology roadmaps, architectures, and implementations that align with each client’s strategic objectives.

Agility and Flexibility

In fast-moving technology environments, Trustmarque stays nimble, flexibly deploying tools and methods to deliver maximum value. By actively training on bleeding-edge innovations and modern delivery approaches like agile, Trustmarque equips teams to adapt quickly.

As part of Trustmarque’s ongoing innovation efforts, the company maintains an innovation lab. Trustmarque recently became one of the first partners to implement Microsoft’s Co-Pilot AI pair programming tool to help customers increase productivity.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Trustmarque leverages partnerships across its ecosystem to accelerate development. By collaborating with vendors, partners, industry groups, and consortiums, Trustmarque taps into collective knowledge to enhance solutions.

For example, Trustmarque works closely with HPE on key accounts, co-presenting roadmaps and options to clients. In healthcare, Trustmarque belongs to a consortium that shares best practices for elevating patient outcomes.

Example Highlighting Agile Adoption of New Technologies

A large public sector client needed to urgently migrate legacy systems to the cloud to reduce risk and costs. Trustmarque quickly mobilized, collaborating closely with the customer to map dependencies and architect a flexible Azure environment.

Leveraging agile principles and automation capabilities, Trustmarque built a repeatable factory model to accelerate migration in stages. The final solution delivered enhanced security, user experience, and substantial TCO savings, positioning the customer for innovation.

Client-Centric Solutions

Consultative and Tailored Approach

Trustmarque follows a consultative approach focused on clients’ specific business contexts, not just technical requirements. The process begins by intimately understanding a client’s market landscape, challenges, and strategic goals.

Trustmarque then designs integrated technology roadmaps spanning people, processes, and platforms to create maximal impact.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all model, Trustmarque custom-tailors architectures, integrations, change management, and skill-building to address each client’s unique needs and constraints.

Ongoing account management and governance ensures solutions continue delivering ROI long after implementation by optimizing performance and adopting emerging capabilities.

Success Story Demonstrating Positive Business Impact

A large hospital group needed better analytics to improve decision-making and patient care. Trustmarque consulted extensively to map out key insights required and design a sustainable data culture.

Trustmarque architected an enterprise-grade Azure analytics ecosystem, providing role-based visibility through intuitive Power BI dashboards. To drive adoption, Trustmarque trained staff and implemented data governance procedures.

Within a year, the solution was yielding actionable insights, including utilization trends and patient outcomes. By optimizing bed allocation and intervention targeting, the hospital achieved tangible improvements in efficiency and care quality, cementing Trustmarque as a strategic partner.

Leadership Driving Inclusive Growth

Trustmarque is powered by visionary leaders like Donavan Hutchinson, Chief Revenue Officer, Trustmarque.

Marsha Waugh Lewis, Chief People Officer, is steering Trustmarque’s customer-focused growth and ambitious DEI efforts.

Marsha and Donavan set an inclusive tone at the top. As the Chief Revenue Officer, Donavan joined Trustmarque in 2023, attracted by its collaborative culture and expansive capabilities after decades of serving major brands internationally.

“I’m proud of the team we’ve built, as we evaluate growth opportunities, our priority is sustaining our ability to intimately understand customers and hand-craft solutions realizing their strategic goals.”

Donavan Hutchinson, Chief Revenue Officer, Trustmarque

Supported by leaders embracing Trustmarque’s partnership ethos, the company continues strengthening technical specialization and capacity to provide an unmatched level of service as trusted advisors.

Adapting to Industry Changes

Proactive and Flexible Mindset

Trustmarque cultivates a forward-leaning, growth-oriented mindset across its culture. Leadership encourages teams to anticipate shifts, persistently upskill in next-generation capabilities, and experiment with emerging methods.

Trustmarque scans the competitive landscape and evolving customer expectations to realign offerings rapidly. Rather than reacting to trends, Trustmarque takes a proactive approach to disruptively expand its value proposition.

Championing Inclusive Culture and Talent

Trustmarque is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion which are essential pillars of its culture.

Supported by Chief People Officer Marsha Waugh Lewis, Trustmarque launched an internal DE&I network and implemented policies to nurture diverse talent.

These efforts align with CRO Donavan’s longstanding personal advocacy for driving DEI progress across the technology sector during his accomplished career.

Donavan joined Trustmarque for its collaborative culture and expansive capabilities where “employees, partners, and customers all succeed together.”

The company focuses on providing an enriching environment enabling team members to grow and innovate.

By setting an inclusive tone from the top, celebrating diverse perspectives, and investing in its people’s development, Trustmarque believes it can deliver optimal value to customers powered by creative, motivated teams. As it evaluates growth, sustaining this cultural commitment remains the priority.

Continuous Learning and Development

Trustmarque invests heavily in continuous skills development to build an adaptable, future-ready workforce. Through incentivized certifications, hackathons, peer knowledge sharing, and external partnerships, teams rapidly reskill on innovative capabilities.

Trustmarque also acquires top niche talent and explores M&A opportunities to onboard new competencies. The result is an agile community prepared to flexibly deliver as technology cycles accelerate.

Fostering Innovation and Experimentation  

Trustmarque actively fosters a start-up-style culture of creativity through dedicated innovation programs. Hackathons encourage out-of-the-box thinking to build new prototypes and IP.

An innovation council oversees ideation challenges and provides seed funding for selected proposals with commercial viability. Partnerships with academic institutes and participation in industry consortiums further spark cutting-edge R&D.

Specific Strategies to Stay Ahead

To maintain its competitive edge, Trustmarque focuses on its four core strategies:

  1. Rigorously benchmark capabilities against rivals
  2. Maintaining a prioritized technology roadmap
  3. Nurture an ecosystem of vendor and peer partnerships
  4. Arm talent with the latest skills and methodologies

This multi-pronged approach keeps solutions aligned with customer demand, while aggressively expanding Trustmarque’s value proposition.

Innovations on the Horizon

Exciting Upcoming Projects and Focus Areas

Trustmarque is advancing cutting-edge initiatives to broaden value for clients across key technology domains:

Cloud – Trustmarque is boosting cloud solution engineering talent to provide full lifecycle application modernization and cloud-optimized managed services around Azure cloud and AWS environments.

Security – Trustmarque aims to scale its cybersecurity practice to deliver end-to-end capabilities including asset management, identity governance, vulnerability assessment, and MDR services leveraging next-gen AI ops.

Analytics & Insights – Trustmarque is expanding its decision intelligence competency, training data engineers, scientists, and visualization experts to uncover impactful insights across expanding data estates.

Digital Transformation – Trustmarque is growing its strategic consulting bench strength to drive more ambitious enterprise transformations spanning edge computing, IoT, custom application development, and intelligent workflows.

How Audiences Can Engage and Stay Updated 

Readers can engage with Trustmarque and track cutting-edge moves through:

●       Website and blog sharing thought leadership

●       Social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter

●       Community events, seminars, and webinars

●       Monthly e-newsletter with the latest innovations

●       Customer/partner portals highlighting new services

Subscribing to Trustmarque’s communications allows tech leaders to participate in advancements and collaborate on emerging initiatives.


Key Messaging as a Trusted Technology Partner

For nearly 40 years, Trustmarque has delivered innovative solutions that empower clients to realize game-changing outcomes with technology. Trustmarque translation complex environments into tangible business value through long-term trusted partnerships.

Trustmarque brings together the best talent, an insatiable curiosity about what is possible, and an unwavering commitment to customer needs.

Focus Areas Driving Cutting-edge Solutions

Trustmarque builds pioneering solutions spanning four key areas: cloud, security, insights, and digital transformation. Trustmarque’s specialization and credentials in these strategic domains consolidate complex vendor ecosystems into integrated, next-generation capabilities.

Commitment To Learning, Diversity, And Client Needs

At its core, Trustmarque believes that cultivating inclusive, diverse teams and nurturing their passion for continuous innovation serves customer needs. Trustmarque’s investments in its people and culture translate directly into the depth of understanding, creativity, and responsiveness it provides clients daily.

By fostering talent and actively co-creating opportunities with partners and communities, Trustmarque unlocks technology’s promise to streamline operations today and reshape industries tomorrow.

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