epay and Revolut Partnership: Reshaping Digital Payments Experience

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Image: epay and Revolut Partnership

The digital payments space is rapidly evolving, with fintechs and challenger banks disrupting traditional banking models. 

One of the latest innovative partnerships is between epay, a leading global payments processor, and Revolut, the fast-growing challenger bank. 

epay and Revolut partnership aims to provide Revolut customers with a seamless experience accessing an extensive range of digital content and services within the Revolut app.

epay and Revolut partnership

epay, the UK-based payment processing arm of Euronet Worldwide Inc., has signed a global partnership with Revolut to offer its unique portfolio of prepaid products and services through the challenger bank’s platform. 

Through an API integration with Revolut’s Consumer, Business, and Junior apps, epay will enable Revolut users in 36 countries to access digital gift cards, mobile top-ups, e-wallets, bill payments, and more without leaving the app. 

This strategic move allows epay to tap into Revolut’s rapidly expanding user base of over 15 million customers while providing Revolut with a scalable solution to enhance its offerings through epay’s vast network of over 2,000 brand partners.

Unparalleled Convenience for the Digital-First Consumer

One of the primary benefits of the epay-Revolut partnership is the unparalleled convenience it offers digitally-savvy consumers, especially millennials and Gen Z. 

“Our customers expect a financial app to offer attractive services and a perfect user experience – we enable both with epay’s flexible integration” 

Maisum Dairkee, Product Owner at Revolut

By consolidating a diverse range of digital services within their trusted banking app, users can seamlessly access entertainment, lifestyle, gaming, and more through brands like Twitch, IKEA, Nintendo, and Spotify without juggling multiple apps. 

This frictionless experience is a key competitive advantage in customer loyalty.

A Strategic Path to Rapid Global Expansion

Beyond enhancing the customer experience, the partnership represents a strategic move for both companies to scale their global footprints rapidly. epay gains access to Revolut’s expanding worldwide presence across Europe, Asia, and North America. 

Conversely, Revolut can now leverage epay’s established network and expertise in processing prepaid solutions internationally. 

“We go beyond just gift cards to become an infrastructure partner for Revolut’s worldwide rollout,” stated Kevin Caponecchi, epay’s Executive VP. 

This collaboration allows both innovators to focus on their core strengths while driving global expansion.


The epay and Revolut partnership exemplifies how partnerships between fintech and payment processors can create powerful synergies that elevate customer experiences and enable rapid scaling internationally. 

As consumer preferences shift towards bundled digital services, such innovative collaborations will likely become more prevalent.

Businesses should watch this space closely as models like epay and Revolut’s could set new benchmarks for seamless payments and engagement in the fintech ecosystem.

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