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As one of the leading providers of global facility services, ISS World Services stands out from the crowd. At its helm is Margot Slattery, the Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, whose journey from a chef to the CEO of Sodexo Ireland has become synonymous with a commitment to diversity, workplace standards, and ethical practices.

Margot Slattery’s Professional Odyssey: A Culinary Beginning to Global Leadership

Margot Slattery’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion and dedication. Starting as a chef, Margot’s trajectory into management marked the beginning of her ascent in the corporate world.

Her leadership prowess led her to the position of CEO at Sodexo Ireland in 2012, where she not only steered the company to success but also became a trailblazer in advocating diversity and inclusion.

In 2019, Margot took on the role of Global Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for Sodexo Group, further amplifying her influence on a global scale.

In addition to her many accolades, Margot was honored by the French Ambassador to Ireland as a Knight of the National Order of Merit, which demonstrates her ability and commitment to bring positive change to Irish society.

Shortlisted for prestigious awards such as the Diva Awards and the IMAGE PwC 2023 Businesswoman of the Year Awards, Margot remains a beacon in the world of diversity and inclusion.

ISS World Services: Redefining Facility Services on a Global Scale

ISS World Services stands tall as a global facility services provider, distinguishing itself through a multifaceted approach to service delivery. Key aspects set ISS apart in the industry, creating a dynamic blend of global reach and local expertise.

Comprehensive Service Portfolio

ISS’s one-stop-shop approach encompasses a diverse service portfolio, ranging from cleaning and catering to security, property, and support services.

Global Reach with Local Expertise

Operating in over 70 countries, ISS boasts a significant global footprint. This expansive reach is complemented by a deep understanding of local markets, enabling ISS to provide tailored services to meet the specific needs of clients worldwide.

Sustainability and Innovation

ISS’s commitment to sustainability and innovation is a driving force in the industry. The company continuously seeks ways to reduce environmental impact and improve efficiency, investing in green initiatives and technology-driven solutions.

Quality and Safety

Prioritizing high standards of quality and safety, ISS invests in rigorous training programs for staff, adherence to international standards, and obtaining relevant certifications. 

Integrated Facility Services

ISS’s “integrated facility services” approach provides clients with a holistic solution to facility management. By combining multiple services into a single, comprehensive offering, ISS ensures uniform quality standards and consistency across all aspects of service delivery.

Sustainable Practices: A Commitment to Ethical and Responsible Services

Beyond words, ISS is committed to sustainability; it incorporates real-world efforts into its daily operations. The business benefits customers and the community by incorporating eco-friendly methods into its offerings.

Green Cleaning Solutions

ISS employs eco-friendly cleaning products and methods to reduce harmful chemicals and pollutants, ensuring a safer environment for clients’ employees and visitors.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

ISS promotes recycling and waste reduction strategies across its operations, implementing recycling programs and reducing single-use items to educate employees and clients about sustainable waste practices.

Sustainable Procurement

The company prioritizes purchasing sustainably sourced and produced products, supporting eco-friendly industries, and encouraging suppliers to adopt greener practices.

Training and Awareness

ISS invests in training its staff to apply sustainable practices in their daily work, fostering a culture of sustainability that extends to clients.

Impact on Clients and Community

ISS’s sustainable practices have a tangible impact on both clients and the broader community.

Reduced Environmental Footprint

Adopting green practices helps clients reduce their overall environmental impact, contributing to corporate sustainability goals and a healthier planet.

Healthier Work Environments

The use of non-toxic cleaning materials and improved indoor air quality leads to healthier workspaces, resulting in fewer sick days, increased productivity, and higher employee satisfaction.

Community Well-being

Sustainable practices contribute to broader community health by reducing pollution and conserving resources, fostering cleaner air, water, and land.

Diverse Service Offerings: Tailoring Excellence to Every Client’s Need

ISS’s diverse service offerings cover a spectrum of needs, from cleaning and catering to security, property services, and facility management.

The organization customizes its offerings to meet the distinct needs of every customer, taking into account variables such as sector, business scale, and particular functional demands.

Enhancing Workplace Experience

ISS’s commitment to enhancing the workplace experience for clients is evident in key services that contribute to a clean, safe, and enjoyable environment.

Cleaning Services

ISS ensures a hygienic, tidy workspace that promotes health and comfort.

Catering Services

The company provides nutritious, appealing food options that cater to diverse tastes and dietary needs, boosting morale and energy.

Security Services

ISS offers a sense of safety with access control and surveillance, ensuring peace of mind for employees.

Innovation in Facility Management: Staying Ahead in a Dynamic Industry

Technological and Process Innovations

ISS emphasizes innovation in facility management, with specific examples of technological advancements that have improved service delivery for clients.

Smart Building Technology

Implementing IoT sensors and automation systems in buildings for real-time monitoring and management of energy usage, lighting, heating, and air conditioning.

Cleaning Robots and Automation

Utilizing automated cleaning robots and equipment for tasks like vacuuming and floor scrubbing, ensuring minimal disruption and maintaining high standards of cleanliness.

Staying Ahead of Industry Trends

ISS’s proactive approach to staying ahead of industry trends involves continuous investment in cutting-edge technologies like IoT, AI, and automation.

The business actively conducts research and development and works with technology, academic institutions, and industry professionals. partners, and analyzes client feedback to adapt services to changing needs and expectations.

Client Success Stories: Tailored Solutions for Varied Industries

Tailoring Services for Different Clients

ISS’s success lies in its ability to tailor services to meet the unique requirements and challenges of different clients across various industries.

With experience in healthcare, education, manufacturing, and corporate sectors, ISS understands the distinct challenges and standards of each industry.

Client Impact Stories

While specific client success stories are not provided, ISS’s client-centric approach is highlighted, showcasing the company’s capability to customize services based on industry-specific needs.

Employee Well-being and Training: A Pillar of Service Excellence

Employee Well-being Initiatives

ISS’s focus on employee well-being is foundational to its service excellence. The company ensures a safe work environment, health and wellness programs, and recognition initiatives.

Training Programs for Excellence

ISS invests significantly in comprehensive training programs and initiatives that contribute to the high quality of services provided.

These include onboarding and induction training for new employees, leadership development programs for those in or moving into management roles, and continuous professional development to keep employees up-to-date with industry standards and innovations.

Global Presence and Local Impact: Balancing the Scales

Balancing Global Presence

ISS successfully balances its global presence with a focus on local impact and community engagement. This is achieved through employing local teams, customizing services to meet area-specific needs, and actively participating in community initiatives.

Contributing to Local Communities

ISS contributes positively to the communities in which it operates, as exemplified by initiatives such as the mentorship program for refugee women and the commitment to hire 1,000 refugees across its European operations.

Margot Slattery’s Impact: A Leading Voice in Diversity and Inclusion

Margot Slattery’s Role at ISS

As the Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at ISS, Margot Slattery is a driving force behind integrated strategies across five global dimensions: Cultures & Ethnicity, Abilities, Gender, Sexual Orientation/LGBT+, and Generations & Age.

Her role extends beyond the organizational boundaries, with active participation in global forums such as ‘The Valuable 500’ movement, where she advocates for workplace standards and disability inclusion.

Recognition and Achievements

Margot’s advocacy and achievements have received widespread recognition, including being named one of the WXN 25 Most Powerful Women in Ireland Business Leaders and featured in the Financial Times’ Top 100 OUTstanding LGBT Business Leaders for four consecutive years.

Her recent nominations for the Diva Awards and the IMAGE PwC 2023 Businesswoman of the Year Awards affirm her continuous impact as a diversity and inclusion leader.

ISS’s Global Journey of Excellence and Impact

ISS World Services, under the leadership of Margot Slattery, stands as a beacon of global excellence and local impact in the facility services industry.

From tailoring services to diverse client needs to pioneering sustainability and innovation, ISS’s journey is one of resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to making a positive difference in every community it touches.

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