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In the dynamic realm of metal manufacturing, one company stands out for its unwavering commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and sustainability. Pisla, a Finnish powerhouse in the metal industry, has not just weathered the winds of change but has actively shaped them.

At the peak of this remarkable journey is Tore Pedersen, the Head of Supply Chain and Marketing, whose professional odyssey from a small DIY store to Pisla’s leadership is as inspiring as the company itself.

From Salesperson to Visionary Leader: Tore Pedersen’s Journey

Tore’s journey began in a modest DIY store in Mikkeli, Finland, a cog in the larger retail machinery named ‘Hong Kong.’ Over 13 years, Tore climbed the ranks from a Salesperson to a Store Manager and eventually the Head Office’s Product and Assortment Manager. This was his crucible, where he honed his skills and developed an astute understanding of consumer needs.

His career trajectory took an exciting turn when he joined Musti Group Oy, Scandinavia’s largest pet retail company. As the Purchasing Manager, Tore orchestrated the inbound volumes to central warehouses, fueling the expansion of stores across Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

It was an era marked by rapid growth and ambitious development projects, setting the stage for Tore’s pivot to Pisla in early 2023.

Two years before joining Pisla, Tore found himself in Puuilo, a DIY retail chain, overseeing the DIY product line, where Pisla was a significant supplier. The transition to Pisla as the Head of Supply Chain was seamless, driven by his familiarity with Pisla’s products and a shared vision for innovation in the metal industry.

Crafting Innovative Solutions: Pisla’s Pioneering Spirit

Pisla’s success lies in a culture of relentless innovation. Tore reveals that the company is proactive in market analysis, attending fairs, and collaborating with inventors to stay ahead. Pisla’s in-house product development team continually refines designs and functionalities, making them a go-to partner for turning ideas into tangible products.

A stellar example of Pisla’s innovation prowess is the ‘Pisla Paloturva’ or Pisla Fire Safety product. Developed in collaboration with Finnish firefighters, this groundbreaking product earned an Innovation award in November 2023. Installed in the inner outdoor spaces of homes, it releases pressure in case of a fire, providing a crucial lifeline for occupants.

However, innovation at Pisla goes beyond individual products. The company fosters a culture of creative exploration, encouraging employees to think beyond conventional boundaries. Tore notes that they actively seek collaborations with inventors and companies, positioning Pisla not just as a manufacturer but as a dynamic partner in bringing ideas to life.

Customer-Centric Approach: Tailoring Metal Excellence to Every Need

Pisla’s emphasis on a customer-centric approach sets it apart. For Tore, understanding the end consumer is paramount. While Pisla supplies businesses and industries, its primary focus remains on end consumers, offering an extensive assortment through prime retailers in Finland.

In order to ensure their products are aligned with the needs of real-world consumers, Pisla actively seeks feedback and development ideas directly from consumers.

Tore cites their success in the industry-tailored segment, particularly with fireplace accessories, where collaboration with local producers ensures Pisla’s products meet specific customer needs. Even though Tore was unable to pinpoint a specific success story due to Pisla’s extensive partnership network, the partnership underscores Pisla’s long-term commitment to customer satisfaction.

Consumer relationships extend beyond transactions. A continuous dialogue is encouraged between Pisla and its customers through various platforms. Pisla shares its latest products through social media and other channels, as well as solicits customer input, creating a symbiotic relationship that fuels the company’s continuous improvement process.

Adapting to Industry Dynamics: Pisla’s Agility in Motion

In the dynamic metal industry, Pisla thrives by maintaining a broad product assortment with quick order fulfillment. According to Tore, reliability in delivery and quality is their cornerstone. Standard items are stocked to ensure availability, while continuous development focuses on introducing new, innovative products to meet evolving customer needs.

Pisla’s strategy revolves around simplicity but remains effective. The key, as Tore emphasizes, is maintaining competitive prices and quality. This steadfast approach has kept Pisla at the forefront of the ever-evolving metal industry.

To maintain this agility, Pisla invests not just in product development but also in streamlined processes. From order placement to delivery, the company ensures efficiency, aiming to meet and exceed customer expectations. Pisla’s ability to adapt to industry changes isn’t just a reactive measure; it’s a proactive stance that keeps them ahead of the curve.

Craftsmanship and Quality: The Pillars of Pisla’s Success

Craftsmanship and quality are non-negotiables at Pisla. Tore reveals that many items are assembled and packed in-house, enabling rigorous quality checks during production. For externally sourced products, audits are conducted regularly to ensure quality aligns with Pisla’s standards. Every batch undergoes meticulous checks and testing, reinforcing Pisla’s commitment to excellence.

The commitment to quality isn’t just a procedural checkbox; it’s a cultural ethos. Pisla’s employees, from assembly line workers to managers, understand the importance of their role in maintaining the company’s reputation for exceptional products.

Tore proudly shares that they consider quality control a shared responsibility, ensuring that every product leaving the Pisla facility is a testament to their commitment to craftsmanship.

Environmental Sustainability: Pisla’s Eco-Conscious Journey

As sustainability gains prominence, Pisla is taking meaningful steps to reduce its environmental footprint. Tore shares initiatives like measuring emissions, shifting to eco-friendly freight forwarders, and implementing a Code of Conduct for suppliers.

The commitment extends to projects aiming to use recycled metal materials and plastic-free packaging, aligning with FCS standards.

The awareness of environmental impact is not just a corporate responsibility but a collective one. Pisla is cognizant of the interconnectedness of its operations with the broader ecosystem. Tore emphasizes that sustainability isn’t just about complying with regulations but a proactive effort to contribute positively to the environment.

The commitment to sustainability goes beyond the immediate production processes. Pisla is engaged in ongoing projects to explore innovative ways to reduce its carbon footprint. This includes transitioning to recycled materials, eliminating plastic from packaging, and ensuring that their entire supply chain adheres to ethical and sustainable practices.

Innovations on the Horizon: Pisla’s Vision Unveiled

While optimizing operations remains a focus, Pisla is gearing up for a significant launch. Tore announces a new range of outdoor cooking items under the Muurikka brand for summer 2024. Despite ongoing changes, Pisla continues to push boundaries, staying committed to delivering quality and innovation.

This launch isn’t just about introducing new products; it’s a testament to Pisla’s dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends. The Muurikka brand, with its roots dating back to 1976, represents a legacy and a commitment to timeless quality.

Tore hints at the exceptional non-stick quality of the griddles, promising a culinary experience that aligns with Pisla’s reputation for excellence.

Engaging with Pisla’s future innovations isn’t limited to waiting for product releases. The company actively invites its audience to follow them on their website and various social media platforms.

Tore emphasizes that this engagement isn’t just about marketing products; it’s about involving the community in Pisla’s journey, creating a shared narrative of growth, innovation, and success.

Pisla’s Everlasting Impact

Pisla’s story, interwoven with Tore Pedersen’s professional odyssey, is more than a chronicle of a company’s success. It’s a testament to the enduring spirit of innovation, customer dedication, and environmental responsibility.

In addition to those in the metal industry, Pisla’s journey is an inspiration to anyone who is dedicated to building a legacy founded on values and a commitment to quality.

As Pisla continues to shape the future of metal manufacturing, it invites the world to be a part of its story.

From the humble DIY store in Mikkeli to the cutting-edge innovations of today, Pisla’s journey is a celebration of progress, resilience, and the unwavering belief that, in the world of metal, tomorrow is forged today.

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