Elinor Stutz: The Unbreakable Spirit

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To achieve success we must excuse ourselves from the social scene to remain true to ourselves.

Walt Disney famously said, “All our dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them.”

Committed to learning from every experience Elinor Stutz – CEO at Smooth Sale and International Bestselling Author and Blogger who believes in 3Ps for success: Purpose, Passion, and Perseverance.

Elinor’s statement is ‘Embrace who you are and continue forth to achieve your desires.’ Elinor is a natural-born sales communicator, as she had the privilege of learning from many speakers like Les Brown.

Smooth Sale stands for earning a returning, referring clientele and reflects her sales career. She strived to build relationships by asking questions, ‘Why did you agree to spend time with me today?’

From there the conversations became professionally personal and she never had to worry about the next sale, meeting quota, or getting fired. Let’s now uncover what matters most to Elinor by reading more about her story.

Believing for a Miracle

 Elinor’s near-death experience was unlike any other. After two devastating car accidents, neither her fault, she found herself on a stretcher with a broken neck deemed irreparable by doctors.

As she awaited the hospital, two visions unfolded before her. The first vision depicted Elinor as a global speaker, captivating audiences. A thrill shot through her – this was her lifelong dream! But the vision faded, replaced by another.

This one resembled a report card of her life. The left side displayed admirable marks, but the right, labeled “Community Service,” remained embarrassingly blank. It was a powerful redirection.

A silent vow formed within Elinor. She pledged to dedicate herself to serving others, however she could. In exchange, she pleaded for healing to fulfill this newfound purpose. A flicker of golden light, a silent confirmation, washed over her.

A deal was struck. Miracles unfolded that night. Despite the surgeon’s doubts before her surgery, Elinor, fueled by her visions, expressed unwavering confidence in her recovery.

And what happened next? The entire medical staff dubbed her “The Walking Miracle.” Even in the confines of the ICU, Elinor’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited.

She mentally laid the groundwork for her future business. It blossomed into a career of writing books, delivering impactful speeches, and creating a vibrant blog. Sharing both the triumphs and struggles of her journey, Elinor empowered younger generations to chase their dreams.

Over time, her work crystallized into powerful themes:

  • Our darkest experiences can be hidden gifts, waiting to be discovered.
  • Each day is a blank canvas; paint your future masterpiece today.
  • Believe, Become, Empower – Believe in your potential, become the person you dream of being, and empower others to follow suit.

Tenacious Climb to the Top

Elinor’s brush with mortality became the spark that ignited her entrepreneurial spirit, leading to the creation of “Smooth Sale.” The name perfectly captured her philosophy: building strong client relationships that fostered not just sales, but loyalty and referrals.

After a remarkable recovery, Elinor found a new calling – empowering others. She transitioned into a highly sought-after sales trainer and keynote speaker.

Now, a successful business blogger, Elinor uses her platform to share not just her own experiences and insights, but also those of leaders across diverse fields.

Her goal? To equip her readers with the tools they need to thrive in their endeavors.

Elinor’s Triumphant Return

Elinor’s story perfectly exemplifies the theme, “Our worst experiences are our gifts in disguise.” Fresh off a move to a new city, she attended a conference, eager to share her expertise as a sales trainer.

However, the response was far from ideal. Boos and ridicule filled the room, leaving Elinor feeling humiliated. But just when all hope seemed lost, a kind soul stepped in. With a gentle nudge, they offered invaluable advice:

“To establish credibility, you must write a book.” Faced with a silent phone and a burning desire to succeed, Elinor saw this as an opportunity, not an obstacle.

With a newfound purpose, Elinor channeled all those negative corporate experiences into a powerful resource. “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results” promised a humorous tell-all, complete with “names changed to protect the guilty!”

The book resonated deeply, achieving an unprecedented level of success.

Elinor’s manuscript shattered records:

  • It landed a coveted “yes” from the very first publishing house.
  • TIME Magazine featured the book, and Elinor found herself gracing the screen on ABC-TV News.
  • Translated into four languages, “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale” became an international bestseller, earning its place as an enduring classic.

Elinor’s Kindness-Fueled Success

Elinor’s journey extends far beyond her writing success. Throughout her career, she championed kindness and respect in the cutthroat world of sales.

A firm believer in everyone’s decision-making power, Elinor understood the importance of treating everyone with respect – from CEOs to receptionists.

For example, early in her career, she was denied access to a CEO’s office. Rather than giving up, she chose kindness.

By engaging with the receptionists, the smokers outside, and even those in the basement, Elinor built genuine connections.

Their positive word reached the executives, ultimately opening the door to a successful meeting and, of course, the sale. Elinor’s motto, “Never Give Up – Find A Better Way!” perfectly encapsulates her inspiring journey.

It’s a testament to the power of perseverance, kindness, and transforming negative experiences into stepping stones for success. Nurturing a Natural Sales Talent Elinor’s natural talent for sales communication was evident from a young age.

Her inquisitive nature, nurtured by her encouraging mother, played a key role in her development.

One day, after receiving an instruction, Elinor, with a characteristic “why?” prompted her mother. Instead of frustration, her mother expressed surprise at her thoughtful approach.

She explained, “If I understand the reasoning behind something and agree with it, I’ll do as you say. But if I don’t understand, I might just keep doing what I was doing before“.

This insightful response not only impressed her mother but would later leave some sales managers wondering the same thing – “Where did she come from?”

Elinor Soars above the Negativity Despite facing ridicule throughout her life, Elinor has risen to become a beacon of inspiration and a champion for diversity.

Now recognized as a Top 1% Influencer, her achievements have been lauded by CEO Magazine and other prestigious publications.

While these accolades bring a smile, Elinor’s true motivation lies deeper, rooted in a powerful lesson learned.

“Put on your well-oiled ‘superwoman cape’ for the darts at your backs to fall to the ground,” she advises her audience. “Continue flying into the ‘impossible’ stratosphere with your achievements”.

Her struggles became the very fuel that propelled her journey. Discrimination, once a source of pain, became a catalyst for positive change. Elinor’s Gift in Disguise:

  • Travel as a Catalyst for Openness: Fueled by a desire to see the world, Elinor embarked on international adventures at the young age of 16, a journey that continues to this day. These experiences broadened her horizons and fostered a deep appreciation for diversity.
  • Advocating for Change: Throughout her career, Elinor tirelessly championed diversity, equity, and inclusion, even when faced with resistance.

Today, her commitment continues via her role on the social media committee for the Inclusion Allies Coalition, a global organization dedicated to the same ideals.

Elinor’s story beautifully embodies the message she shares with others: “Remain true to you and your ideals; live without regret.”

Elinor’s Voice Ignites Inspiration

Elinor’s life is a testament to the power of embracing your authentic self and using your experiences to inspire others. A chance encounter with motivational speaker Les Brown proved pivotal in shaping her path.

After sharing her extraordinary near-death experience, Les offered a powerful suggestion: Begin your motivational talk with a dire question such as, “How will you respond if you have only one minute to save your life – will you focus on yourself or the greater good?

This captivating hook became Elinor’s signature style. It immediately captivated audiences, leaving them intrigued and eager to hear more. From then on, every conference became an opportunity to ignite a spark in others.

Elinor’s Message of Authenticity

Elinor’s journey highlights the crucial connection between mind, body, and spirit. When we listen to our inner voice, embrace our true selves, and refuse to let negativity hold us back, incredible things become possible.

Elinor’s story takes Walt Disney’s famous quote, “Dreams do come true,” a step further. It demonstrates that through aligned action and self-belief, we can achieve not just what we dream of, but something even more extraordinary.

Building Relationships, Embracing Challenges

Elinor’s career trajectory serves as a masterclass in building successful client relationships and turning adversity into opportunity. “Smooth Sale” perfectly encapsulates her philosophy: cultivating loyalty and referrals through genuine connection. 

  • No Scripts, Just Stories: Gone were the days of rigid training programs and scripted sales pitches. Elinor believed in a more organic approach. Her secret weapon? Building a rapport by asking insightful questions from the outset. A simple inquiry like, “Why did you agree to spend time with me today?” laid the groundwork for genuine conversations.
  • From Professional to Personally Professional: These conversations weren’t just business-focused. They allowed for a professional yet personal connection, often sparked by a shared experience Elinor would weave into the discussion. This encouraged prospects to open up, leading to laughter and a sense of mutual understanding. No wonder clients nicknamed her “A Breath of Fresh Air!” With such strong relationships, quotas and sales worries became a thing of the past.

Embrace the Unexpected

Elinor’s story extends beyond the world of sales. A move across the country presented a new set of challenges. At business events, she often felt ostracized, with most attendees seemingly dismissive.

However, this experience, though isolating, proved to be another “gift in disguise.” It opened her eyes to the realities of discrimination faced by many.

Blogging for Change: As blogging gained popularity, Elinor found a powerful platform for her voice. Her writing transcended her own experiences, transforming into a collaborative effort. She invited leaders from diverse fields to contribute, creating a valuable resource for readers seeking career advancement.
Championing Inclusion: Her commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion extends beyond her writing. Elinor actively participates on the social media committee of the Inclusion Allies Coalition, a global organization dedicated to fostering a more inclusive world.

Embrace Yourself, Empower Others

Elinor’s story is a powerful message of self-discovery, resilience, and the importance of advocating for what’s right. Through her experiences, she aims to empower others on their unique journeys.

  • You Are Not Alone”: One of Elinor’s key messages is that no one faces ridicule or challenges in isolation. Her story resonates because it acknowledges the struggles many of us encounter.
  • The Key to Living Life Your Way: Elinor emphasizes that the power to live authentically lies within each of us. Sometimes, stepping away from negativity or environments that don’t align with our values is necessary to discover what truly matters. Her mantra, “Embrace who you are and continue forth to achieve your desires,” beautifully encapsulates this idea.

Elinor’s Enduring Message: Growth through Experience

Elinor’s story is a powerful testament to the importance of lifelong learning and perseverance. She emphasizes the value of gleaning wisdom from every interaction and experience, both positive and negative.

  • Lessons in Every Encounter: Every person we meet and every situation we encounter holds the potential for • growth. Elinor encourages us to be open to these lessons, no matter how subtle they may seem.
  • Embracing the Tough Days: Even the most resilient among us face setbacks. When those challenging days inevitably arrive, Elinor offers a powerful reminder: don’t give up! Instead, hold fast to your “3 P’s for Success”.
  • Purpose: A clear sense of purpose fuels our motivation and keeps us focused on the bigger picture.
  • Passion: Passion ignites our enthusiasm and helps us navigate even the most challenging moments.
  • Perseverance: The unwavering determination to keep going, even when faced with obstacles, is what ultimately leads to success.

Empowering Women

While Elinor’s story is universally relatable, she also champions a specific cause: empowering women. She wants to encourage women to stand up to bullies, be vocal advocates for fairness and justice, and stand together in pursuit of a more equitable society.

We all deserve to live in a world where opportunities and rewards are distributed based on merit, not gender.

Her blog, Smooth Sale, reflects this commitment. While offering career and business-building advice from diverse leaders, the underlying goal is clear: to help everyone, regardless of gender, have a fair shot at advancement and well-deserved compensation.

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