Myke Celis: Inspiring Life Coach and Best-Selling Author

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Image: Myke Celis: Inspiring Life Coach and Best-Selling Author

Tell us about your journey and what drives your passion for coaching and mentoring.

I discovered my calling as a coach 6 years ago when I found myself at the lowest point in my life and was looking for renewed meaning and purpose in life.

I figured out that what I wanted to do was to speak to inspire every single day, the very thing I do when I coach and mentor people to help them find and become their #bestmeever: their authentic, unapologetic, grandest version of themselves, no matter how that may look like for them.

From that time on, I love waking up every single day knowing that I can change lives for the better through my books, talks, media appearances, social media posts, and everything I do anchored on my coaching platform, #bestmeever.

Who are the main individuals and groups you aim to inspire and guide towards their #bestmeever?

While I primarily coach celebrities, top executives, and highly successful people from all over the world, I wanted to make @bestmeever accessible for everyone regardless of class, age, gender, status, culture, or whatever divisor there may be so I created mainstream programs, talks and books and tweaked my social media posts to resonate with everyone who needs and longs to be their best.

Professional Coaching

As a Global Master Coach, what’s the key focus of your coaching approach, and what do you hope to achieve with your clients?

I help my clients become their authentic, unapologetic grandest versions of themselves, their #bestmeemever.

The core of my coaching practice is self-empowerment anchored on holistic wellness and well-being. I used mixed coaching disciplines in life coaching, neurolinguistic programming, positive psychology, and timeline therapy during my sessions.

How do you define a “Unicorn” in the context of your coaching philosophy?

Unicorns are people who have very high potential, are multi-talented and excel in what they do.

However, they use their success to mask their insecurities and sadness because people ostracize them.

After all, they seem “different”, “too much” or “extremely ambitious”. Because of this, people try to put them inside a box for them to conform as they dim their light.

My goal and role as a coach is to never let these Unicorns lose their shine as they become the person that they’re meant to be as they gain awareness, clarity, motivation, and confidence to embrace their self and journey.


Could you share a bit more about the kinds of clients you work with, such as celebrities, CEOs, and high-performing individuals?

High performing, high value. Highly influential and successful. I deal with people who know what they want, what their value is, and what success feels and looks like. 

However, I help them discover what lies beyond success as they embrace the person they’re meant to be outside of what they do or what used to define them in the eyes of many.

I also love coaching and mentoring people based on untapped potential and commitment to succeed.

Drive, consistency, and effort are important elements present in my coaches and mentees.

What are the common goals or challenges your clients seek to overcome through your coaching?

Stress, anxiety, and sadness come from the pressure to outdo themselves and the need to look good in the eyes of many because of their stature.

I also have some people who come to me as they transition through life I help them identify what their ideal next chapter will look like and how to achieve that vision as well.

Values and Well-Being

How do self-empowerment, holistic wellness, and well-being play a role in your coaching practice?

They are my core. I always believed that when you achieve balance in your own wellness and well-being space as you take care of yourself, you empower yourself from within, allowing you to rise above the challenges that life throws at you while achieving your biggest goals.

What are some core principles you incorporate to help your clients maximize their peak state and achieve desired results?

I think to summarize, I always emphasize the value of commitment, purpose, consistency, and integrity in the pursuit of any goal.

I make sure that I become their accountability partner as I ensure that they are in full alignment with their desired actions and results every step of the way.

Giving Back

How do you give back to the community, and what motivates your efforts in helping students and members of the LGBTQIA+?

I offer free coaching programs, talks, and workshops to the youth and members of the LGBTQIA+ community during Pride Month and other selected times of the year. 

What motivates me is my personal experience as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and as someone who experienced bullying when I was younger, hoping that these people realize that there’s hope and help is readily available while emphasizing the value of self-love, self-care, and self-acceptance, things which are difficult given the nature and behavior of our current society.

Can you share the impact of pro bono coaching during Pride Month on the individuals you assist?

I have always championed inclusivity and diversity and in my case, to see other members of the LGBTQIA+ community proudly come out and take up space in the industry they’re in brings me so much pride and joy to see people #LiveWithPride (my pride coaching platform) because it starts from there.

That has been my advocacy since I started my coaching journey in the global market, being perhaps one of the few openly gay professional coaches to have won multiple awards, some best-selling books and thought leadership articles, and interviews about coaching across print, radio, TV and digital media locally and internationally as I wanted to be able to represent, not only the LGBTQIA+ community but the Asians and Filipinos in the global coaching space.

Personal Aspects

Share a little about yourself as a person and what drives your gratitude and commitment to helping others.

Every time I help others. And make them feel that they are seen, heard, and accepted, I make my inner child happier because truth be told, that is what it always wanted: love, acceptance, and understanding.

Seeing that my words or actions changed a person’s life, whether through reading my books, listening to my talks, watching my interviews, or experiencing coaching from me, is such a priceless, rewarding experience.

As a person, authenticity and vulnerability have always been my strongest suits that allow me to consistently be the same person regardless of whatever hat I wear.

And that’s something that others find brave and interesting because I never have to put any mask on regardless of what I do.

I believe that inspires others to just be comfortable in their skin no matter how unconventional or different they may seem.

What keeps you inspired and motivated in your coaching journey?

My coachees and mentees. Friends and loved ones. Viewers, listeners, followers, viewers, and even strangers who believe in me and in what I do.

I am also inspired and motivated by my progress, big or small because it brings about fulfillment, meaning, and joy.

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