H.E. Laila Rahhall El Atfani: Driving Transformative Change on a Global Scale

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As businesses embark on a pursuit to expand their impact and catalyse economic progress, the ability to build robust professional relationships becomes a foundation for achieving long-term success. By fostering an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives converge, organizations not only enhance their resilience but also cultivate fertile ground for innovation and growth.

By championing collaboration across industries and embracing diverse viewpoints, leaders like H.E. Laila Rahhall El Atfani exemplify the transformative potential of strategic partnerships.

Throughout her career, she has worked hard to demonstrate a strong sense of commitment and passion in all she does. She is adamant that obtaining significant and lasting achievements is made possible by commitment. Her career has been defined by a sincere passion for promoting expansion, igniting innovation, and forging long-lasting alliances. She is committed to fostering an environment where businesses can flourish because she fully believes in the value of collaboration.

Additionally, she has a strong desire to use the potential of young people and women in the Gulf States region and in Africa to influence positive change on a worldwide scale. She believes that the Gulf States and Africa have enormous economic potential, and she is totally committed to maximizing it in order to support economic diversification, encourage entrepreneurship, and aid in the creation of a thriving business ecosystem.

Embracing Partnership and Empowerment

H.E. Laila Rahhall El Atfani expresses her profound gratitude to Mr. Dejan Stancer, CEO of GCBL, for his kind welcome and his kind remarks regarding her most recent appointment as Vice-Chairman for the Gulf States Region. Being a part of this prestigious organization and having the chance to further its goals is an honor for her.

H.E. Laila is immensely honored to assume this post, which she believes embodies the strength that comes from partnership in business. The Chamber of Commerce is a genuinely powerful and professional organization. She is ecstatic to be working with highly experienced multinational businesswomen and men, and she is determined to build economic prosperity by fostering collaboration and bridging the GCC, Europe, and other regions.

She is also President and Founder of the I AM AFRICA initiative, a platform that highlights the prospects on the continent while concentrating on the development of Africa as a whole.

Her work includes empowering women and youth in the Gulf States region as one of its main goals. She is adamant that fostering young people’s potential and giving women equal opportunity can have a significant impact on both the economy and society.

Her selection to the position of Vice-Chairman for the Gulf States Region at the Global Chamber of Business Leaders is evidence of the strength of business unanimity. It offers a special chance to advance the cause of women’s and youth empowerment, opening the door to a more promising and just future. She is committed to making the most of this chance and collaborates closely with the Global Chamber of Business Leaders, which enables her to leverage the strength and expertise of the business community as a whole to create policies and initiatives that support the empowerment of women and youth. When they work together, they can build a thriving, varied, and inclusive sustainable business environment.

Empowering Communities Through Collaboration and Innovation

In the view of H.E. Laila Rahhall El Atfani, humanity is the most valuable coin. She feels lucky to be connected with a number of non-profits, including businesses in information technology, finance, business strategy, and education, as well as non-profits such as Youth Gate in Cambodia, Anwar Associations, and REFAI in Switzerland. Even if their fields of specialization differ, she works with them because of certain qualities. Their shared goal to improve society is one thing they all have in common. By means of financial empowerment, strategic planning, technical advances, and educational activities, these organizations seek to improve the standard of living for individuals and communities. These kinds of collaborations are built on strong bonds based on mutual respect and trust.

Through a variety of planned efforts by NGOs, H.E. Laila actively advocates for the empowerment of women and youth. These consist of leadership development seminars, skill-training courses, and mentoring programs designed to improve people’s abilities and provide them the tools they need to take control of their life and have a positive impact on society. H.E. Laila also helps start-ups by promoting incubation programs, making funding more accessible, and offering mentorship from seasoned business owners. These initiatives aim to foster and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in aspirant people, hence fostering innovation, job creation, and economic advancement in the area.

Building Global Business Bridges

H.E. Laila plays a pivotal role in spearheading Business Gate Network, an international professional network including many industries and chapters across the globe. The network’s main goal is to bring together government officials, company owners, and C-level executives in order to promote the sharing of insightful experiences, investigate joint commercial ventures, and build enduring professional bonds. With a strong 16-year history, Business Gate Network has made a name for itself as a reliable bridge builder of international business connections. It is well-known for its creative Business Gate Events and committed member engagement programs.

Comprehensive business formation services for all company types are provided by Business Gate Network, serving both major corporations and SMEs. The network plays a crucial role in boosting business branding, enabling introductions and event launches, and drawing in foreign direct investment through its collaboration and sponsorship options. Business Gate Network is also the driving force behind a number of other projects, such as the support for SMEs, B2B interactions, and the Women Business Circle.

Under H.E. Laila’s direction, the goal of I Am Africa is still to cultivate long-lasting relationships between the United Arab Emirates and Africa. In an increasingly interconnected global landscape, this project seeks to allow firms to fulfill their full potential through collaboration.

Pioneering Empowerment and Inclusion

H.E. Laila has always had a deep love for advancing modern business techniques, innovative technology, sustainable development, economic advancement, and empowerment. She sees these pillars as essential to influencing positive global change and forming society’s future. She is bored and dislikes monotony, thus she enjoys doing innovative and inventive things and is always looking for new challenges and chances. H.E. Laila is a strong proponent of cooperation and teamwork, believing them as necessary for enabling people to reach their greatest potential as individuals and as communities.

H.E. Laila is dedicated to investigating novel avenues for empowerment. She uses state-of-the-art technologies to tackle global issues and builds alliances that promote sustained growth. She sees an economically prosperous future where social justice and environmental conservation are given top priority. H.E. Laila hopes to make a positive impact on a world that is wealthy, sustainable, and equitable for all people by her unwavering commitment to these values.

H.E. Laila suggested incorporating the Women Business Circle (WBC) into the Global Chamber of Business Leaders as a focused effort to advance gender equality and improve opportunities for women in business during talks with the GCBL President. H.E. Laila hopes to actively contribute to advancing women’s rights and promoting their professional development by bringing WBC into the chamber. The project is in line with her larger initiatives, which include, among others, Women Driving the Future, 50 Inspiring Women, 50 Entrepreneur Leadership, Global Women Leadership, and Women in Art and Business. In addition to empowering female professionals and entrepreneurs, this integration fosters a varied and inclusive corporate climate within the international business community.

Empowering Upcoming Generations

H.E. Laila highlights the dedication of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders to involving and assisting youth, having been actively involved in youth empowerment for more than 14 years. Acknowledging the significance of equipping learners in a dynamic worldwide marketplace, she is a firm believer in fostering the next generation of leaders and businesspeople who will propel innovation and financial advancement. The chamber’s mission is to help members develop their abilities, know-how, and spirit of entrepreneurship by connecting them with mentors and successful business executives.

H.E. Laila supports the Global Chamber of Business Leaders getting more involved in youth policy with regard to the Gulf Region. Considering the region’s focus on diversifying the economy and the changing corporate scene, youth development is viewed as essential to the region’s long-term viability and profitability.

Strengthening Economic Growth

The Gulf States Region is important from an economic and geopolitical standpoint on a worldwide scale. With its enormous oil and gas reserves, this region—which includes nations like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman—is positioned to play a significant role in the world energy market. The Gulf States have developed their infrastructure, drawn foreign direct investment, and encouraged entrepreneurship and innovation with noteworthy success. Vision 2030 in Saudi Arabia and Vision 2021 in the United Arab Emirates are examples of ambitious economic reforms that demonstrate both countries’ dedication to economic diversification, improving competitiveness, and fostering private sector expansion. In addition, the Gulf States take an active interest in both regional and global diplomacy, often serving as key players in major diplomatic projects.

H.E. Laila is certain that the Gulf Region’s Global Chamber of Business Leaders is a formidable establishment. She sees the Chamber as an international organization that brings together business executives from different nations and areas. It does this by using its vast network and resources to bring together decision-makers, entrepreneurs, and prominent corporate leaders from the Gulf Region and beyond. This reach throughout the globe offers invaluable access to a variety of viewpoints, expertise, and possible partnerships.

H.E. Laila notes the Gulf Region’s notable economic growth in recent years, emphasizing how nations like the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are spearheading efforts to diversify their economies and draw in foreign investment. She sees a chance for the Global Chamber of Business Leaders to support the prosperity of the region’s economy. She is an advocate for deliberate additions and modifications that will increase the Chamber’s prominence and power in the Gulf Area. Increasing representation, emphasizing sustainability initiatives, creating an innovation and technology hub, supporting policies that have an impact, encouraging mentorship and capacity-building programs, interacting with educational institutions, and encouraging knowledge sharing and networking opportunities are some of these recommendations.

Furthermore, H.E. Laila believes that the Chamber would be better able to fulfill its mission in the Gulf Region and enhance its capacities if a dedicated bank were established. The Chamber can effectively handle business demands, stimulate economic growth, and play a crucial role in determining the future of the Gulf business community by embracing sustainability, innovation, diversity, and collaboration.

H.E. Laila feels that nominations that recognize her commitment to helping people in need, empowering others, and serving mankind bring her the most significant acknowledgment. Among her many honors are the WOW Awards USA – Women of Worth; The Voice Achievers Award; Super Mom Award; Mawlana Awards Turkey; Oscar of Best Entrepreneur Morocco; The Most Inspiring Women Award; Hoinser Magazine Award; Ambassador UAE Africa; and AFRIFATA, among other esteemed awards. She is quite proud of these honors because they represent the positive influence, she has had on people’s lives that goes beyond simple acknowledgment.

A Blueprint for Sustainable Business Advancement

H.E. Laila, who has a great deal of expertise in trade, financing, and franchising, has pinpointed important elements that she feels are currently absent from today’s business environment and are preventing real and substantial advancement.

To address these issues and foster a more conducive environment for growth, she proposes the following recommendations:

  1. Collaboration over competition
  2. Embracing diversity and inclusion
  3. Supporting entrepreneurship and small businesses
  4. Prioritizing sustainable practices
  5. Continuous learning and adaptability

By implementing these recommendations, businesses can create a more collaborative, inclusive, sustainable, and adaptable environment, enabling true and aggressive progress. It requires a collective effort from governments, businesses, and individuals to overcome the existing limitations and shape a future that encourages innovation, growth, and positive societal impact.

Breaking Stereotypes and Fostering Inclusive Growth

As a successful businesswoman H.E. Laila aims to address misconceptions surrounding the roles of women, particularly Muslim women, in contemporary society. She finds it disheartening that stereotypes persist despite the progressive times, hindering recognition of Muslim women as leaders in their fields. H.E. Laila emphasizes that Islam advocates for knowledge, personal development, and social engagement for both genders, promoting justice, equality, and empowerment. Her message is clear: fostering diversity and inclusivity, including in leadership, dismantles stereotypes and fosters a more equitable society that values the contributions of women of all backgrounds.

In light of the post-pandemic global economic environment, H.E. Laila highlights the significance of concentrating on forward-thinking businesses as opposed to moping about the past. She promotes creativity in the workplace, emphasizing how it may lead to innovation and the generation of unique ideas. H.E. Laila thinks companies may set themselves up for development and success by looking forward.

Building a strong professional network can have transforming effects, as H.E. Laila highlights in her support of networking. According to her, networking is a calculated investment that provides access to contacts, knowledge, and partnerships that are essential for the growth of an entrepreneurial venture. H.E. Laila is a firm believer that networking can greatly improve the entrepreneurial adventures of young people by giving them access to invaluable tools and collaborations.

Whatever their background or situation—religion, nationality, education, or socioeconomic standing—H.E. Laila counsels the next generation to put tolerance, humanity, and respect first when forming cooperative relationships. Any company that wants to succeed and last must, in her opinion, cultivate these kinds of relationships. Laila highlights that “No matter what business we engage in, we must never forget to trade in the most valuable currencies of all: humanity, kindness, and tolerance.”

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