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In the realm of global leadership and innovative thinking, few individuals have made as significant an impact as Dejan Štancer. With a visionary mindset and a relentless drive for excellence, Štancer has emerged as a trailblazer, reshaping industries and inspiring a new generation of leaders. In this cover story, we delve into the life, achievements, and leadership philosophy of Dejan Štancer, exploring how his innovative approach has propelled him to the forefront of global leadership.

Early Life and Formative Experiences

Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Štancer ‘s passion for business and leadership was ignited at an early age. Growing up in a dynamic and ever-changing world, he quickly recognized the importance of adaptability and forward-thinking. These early experiences laid the foundation for his future endeavors, shaping his approach to leadership and innovation.

Building a Global Empire

Štancer ‘s journey to becoming a global leader began with the establishment of his first startup, which disrupted the industry with its groundbreaking solutions. Through his unwavering commitment to innovation and a keen understanding of market trends, he successfully expanded his business empire across continents, revolutionizing traditional business models along the way. Štancer ‘s ability to identify untapped opportunities and transform them into thriving ventures has earned him accolades and admiration from peers and competitors alike.

Dejan serves as the President of the esteemed Global Chamber of Business Leaders, offering strategic guidance to both business and political luminaries. Simultaneously, he represents a global organization of businesswomen as an ambassador called ABWCI – Association of Business Women in Industry, drawing upon decades of entrepreneurial expertise. Moreover, his philanthropic endeavors span various impactful initiatives worldwide, reflecting his unwavering commitment to creating positive change on a global scale.

As the President of The Global Chamber of Business Leaders (GCBL) he oversees the resilience of the visionary global entity, championing the ideals that resonate with our deepest desires: fostering peace, stability, collaboration, enhanced connectivity, security, integrity, and global solidarity. Notably, GCBL continues to garner widespread acclaim, attracting a growing interest from business and political leaders worldwide, seeking meaningful collaborations.

While it fosters many international global collaborations, his business associations are notably to do with organizations like the GCBL that maintain their status as apolitical. These independent entities, transcend influences of all kinds, be it political ideologies, religious inclinations, or any other affiliations. In a world fraught with escalating conflicts – Štancer’s stance is unwavering — as he advocates tirelessly not for one side over the other, but he consistently strives for peaceful coexistence and harmonious resolutions.

Remarkably distinct in its approach, Štancer’s work is inherently guided by the collective successes of his esteemed members and partners, each contributing to our shared triumphs. Ultimately, the satisfaction and contentment of his members and partners serve as the ultimate testament to the decade-long dedication and unwavering commitment that fuels our organization each day. As he maintains his viewpoint that when one is wholly immersed in their mission, dedicating even 20 hours a day, the gears of progress seamlessly align.

Ensuring strong communication skills, and interconnectedness is important to all he does. He explains that technology is inherent in his role as a business leader, and infact forms part of his duty to remain transparent:

“Gone are the days when occasional breaks from technology were conceivable or feasible; the rapid evolution of responsibilities now renders detachment from computers and mobile phones nearly impossible. It’s not about dependence on electronic devices or the internet; rather, it’s a testament to the weight of responsibility inherent in my role as the President of such a substantial organization.” – Štancer explains.

Innovative Leadership Philosophy

At the core of Štancer ‘s success lies his unique leadership philosophy, which emphasizes the power of collaboration, diversity, and continuous learning. He firmly believes that fostering a culture of innovation and empowering employees to think outside the box is essential for driving sustainable growth and staying ahead in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. Štancer ‘s ability to inspire and motivate his teams has resulted in a workforce that is not only highly skilled but also deeply committed to pushing boundaries and embracing change.

Through his work, Štancer is aware of repercussions of his business decisions, and keeps global connectivity as a significant consideration. His leadership roles in KSBC Business Club, ABWCI, and as a Registered Lobbyist at European institutions contribute to his missions and also to the broader community at large. He explains that his while he is connected to various initiatives, they all work synergetically, and he is committed to his priorities and responsibilities to GCBL:

“The KSBC Business Club has seamlessly operated under the esteemed umbrella of GCBL for a considerable duration, presenting no substantial challenges. However, my involvement in lobbying has been constrained by various commitments. It is effectively steering an organization as multifaceted as GCBL demands an unwavering and complete commitment.”

A Catalyst for Growth

Over the years, Štancer ‘s professional endeavors and multiple public appearances have enabled him to build a vast network comprising influential personalities from various corners of the globe. This reputable network serves as a valuable asset, opening numerous doors, not solely within the realm of business but beyond. Undoubtedly, this network plays a pivotal role in enhancing the recognition, reputation, and connectivity of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders.

Štancer illustrated this with a recent practical example. GCBL recently secured a significant international project valued at over one Billion Euros, potentially nearing two Billion. The credit for this accomplishment largely stems from his longstanding relationship with the investor, who selected GCBL, under his leadership, as the primary operating platform. This development is not only a milestone for the organization but also a testament to the priority accorded to GCBL members in all projects. Members will be actively involved throughout the entire project’s lifecycle, solidifying their position within the global business landscape. This direct engagement in international business endeavors stands as one of the key privileges of GCBL membership.

Driving Social Impact

Beyond his business achievements, Štancer is also recognized for his commitment to driving positive social impact. Through various philanthropic initiatives and partnerships, he has leveraged his influence and resources to address pressing global challenges, such as sustainability, education, and social inequality. Štancer ‘s dedication to making a difference serves as a testament to his belief in the transformative power of leadership and the responsibility that comes with it.

“Over the years, my professional endeavors have enabled me to build a vast network comprising influential personalities from various corners of the globe. This network serves as a valuable asset, opening numerous doors, not solely within the realm of business but beyond. Undoubtedly, this network plays a pivotal role in enhancing the recognition, reputation, and connectivity of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders.”

On Sustainability in Business

Ensuring that business decisions are formed with ethical considerations is imperative. As part of GCBL, delegates serve as the foremost representatives of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders in their respective countries or designated regions, and with this comes an unwritten responsibliity to act with morals and relevant considerations in any and all activities. Their primary responsibility lies in establishing an operational framework for GCBL within these areas and integrating local economic entities into the fabric of GCBL’s network. In essence, GCBL Delegates function as organizational ambassadors wielding executive authority in their roles.

Given that sustainability remains a core mission of GCBL, Delegates, akin to all other executives within the organization, are deeply committed to fostering sustainable solutions. These efforts are intricately woven with business ethics, interpersonal solidarity, and, most importantly, collaborative approaches that foster global peace in a world increasingly fraught with tension and competition. The unity and collaboration exhibited by our executives, irrespective of race, religion, or worldview, serve as a potent testament to the ease with which global peace can be attained when effective communication and active listening prevail.

On Working with Youth and Fostering The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Štancer’s position as a President within GCBL has a decisive consideration for younger members, and his priority to foster the next generation of entrepreneurs is evident. He works hard to ensure that he works with teams to transfer knowledge and connections to the next generation of entrepreneurs. The organization’s specialized programs and committees for junior members are meticulously designed to address their unique needs and aspirations. These initiatives act as incubators for professional development, playing a pivotal role in fostering robust connection pathways.

Stancer explains his sentiments and motivations on the matter

“The foundation of our world undeniably rests upon the shoulders of the younger generation — a sentiment long echoed and now affirmed. I hold a deep conviction in the potential of young people and the forthcoming generations, foreseeing a future where kindness prevails, far surpassing the norms of the generations preceding them. While it’s possible that my perspective is not universally shared, I believe that today’s youth perceive the world as more interconnected than it currently is. This aspiration stems from their desire to thrive in a global, digitalized landscape, fostering personal growth and interconnectedness. Regrettably, for many young individuals in various parts of the world, the reality is a relentless struggle for survival.”

For this precise reason, and in acknowledgment of the intrinsic rights that every capable individual worldwide deserves, the Global Chamber of Business Leaders instituted the Young Business Leaders Program several years ago. This transformative initiative serves as a platform for young individuals from diverse corners of the globe to engage, learn, and garner invaluable experience from some of the most distinguished business leaders.

“Undoubtedly, I view the next generation as catalysts for an era marked by novel and improved standards. However, to truly realize this potential, it becomes imperative to impart guidance and extend unwavering support to this generation, fostering an environment conducive to their unbridled growth and development.” He remarks.

Mentoring programs, such as the Young Business Leaders Program run by the Global Chamber of Business Leaders, play a key role in equipping future leaders with the necessary tools and insights to succeed in a sustainable and innovative global business environment that is constantly changing. These programs serve as key channels for imparting practical knowledge and fostering a deep understanding of the complexities in the dynamic business sphere. By providing guidance, mentoring programs cultivate essential skills and competencies and raise a generation of leaders ready to face contemporary challenges with resilience and creativity.

Through the mentoring of outstanding global business leaders, emerging leaders gain valuable insight into sustainable business practices, enabling them to incorporate ethical and environmentally conscious strategies into their operational frameworks. In addition, mentoring programs instil a culture of innovation, empower mentees to adopt sustainable and forward-thinking approaches and adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the business world.

At the Global Chamber of Business Leaders, we recognize that these mentoring initiatives foster a collaborative learning community, enabling the global exchange of ideas and experiences that contribute to the holistic development of ambitious global leaders and ensure a sustainable and progressive future for the global business landscape.

At the core of our commitment to emerging talent lies the “Young Business Leaders Programme”. This structured platform empowers young professionals to engage in mentoring, skills development, and networking. Through carefully curated sessions, workshops, and access to experienced mentors, participants gain invaluable insights into navigating the complexities of the global business environment. Younger members have had incredible traction entering the organization, often relaying their satisfaction and appreciation for the many opportunities that they’ve been given.

Probably the most outstanding success stories are those of some young leaders who were highly active in the YBLP Program and are now true professionals on their way to the top of their careers.

“I prefer not to mention specific names, but I can proudly say that they play important roles in political and economic life, equipped with knowledge and skills based on the experience of senior members of the GCBL corps. The most important thing is that they are aware of business ethics, cultivate solidarity, understand the importance of the fight against climate change, and recognize that the most important aspects of our lives are to enjoy peace and freedom. I believe that our young colleagues are the ones who can continue to ascend in their careers and will ultimately be the positive change in the world that it desperately needs.” Štancer remarks.

Among the established committees, the Junior Executive Committee stands out as a dynamic body comprising young, ambitious professionals actively shaping the direction of GCBL. Serving not only as a voice for junior members, this committee allows direct involvement in organizational decision-making processes, providing a unique leadership experience. Global Networking Events for Juniors are tailor-made to create an environment conducive to meaningful connections. Going beyond traditional networking, these events foster an atmosphere where young professionals exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, and build relationships with both peers and experienced professionals.

To cater to the diverse interests of our junior members, GCBL is establishing industry-specific working groups. These platforms facilitate in-depth discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaborative projects within specific sectors, allowing participants to deepen their expertise and expand their professional networks in their areas of interest.

Lastly, the Mentoring Exchange Program pairs junior members with experienced industry leaders, creating a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties. This structured mentoring initiative offers personal guidance, opening doors to opportunities and insights that significantly contribute to the professional growth of young talents.

These carefully curated programs and committees are more than just avenues for professional development; they are vibrant ecosystems where young professionals forge connections, exchange ideas, and collectively contribute to the overall mission of GCBL. Active participation in these initiatives not only enhances the skills of junior members but also makes them indispensable contributors to the dynamic fabric of the global business community.

Philanthropy as a key part of Leadership

Dejan Štancer ’s motivation is not purely for financial pursuits, his drive is from a deeper yearning to give back: “I am seasoned enough to recognize that while money may follow dedicated and exemplary work, it should not be the primary motivation. As I’ve mentioned before, my focus lies in nurturing a profound passion and commitment to fostering positive impacts on a broader scale. It’s about creating a ripple effect, fostering connections, and uplifting communities.”

Understanding the intricate interconnectedness of the world allows for a holistic approach to problem-solving. Recognizing the significance of synergy in crafting effective solutions remains paramount in my endeavors.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, Dejan Štancer continues to be a beacon of inspiration for aspiring leaders and innovators worldwide. His relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with his unwavering commitment to driving positive change, positions him as a true visionary in the realm of global leadership. With his finger on the pulse of emerging trends and technologies, Štancer is poised to shape the future of industries and leave an indelible mark on the world.


Dejan Štancer ‘s remarkable journey from a young entrepreneur to a global leader is a testament to the power of innovative thinking, resilience, and unwavering determination. Through his visionary leadership, he has not only transformed industries but also inspired a new generation of leaders to challenge the status quo and embrace change. As we celebrate his achievements, we are reminded that true leadership knows no boundaries and that the pursuit of innovation is the key to shaping a better future for all. He leaves us with a nugget of wisdom as closing remarks, words to motivate and inspire for the long term:

“The brevity and rapidity of life’s unfolding are constant reminders in my consciousness. Approaching middle age, the awareness of time’s swift passage intensifies, emphasizing the urgency to make every moment count. In this decisive phase, success necessitates a blend of pragmatism, unwavering determination, and consistent action.”

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