Elysian Studios: Taking You on a Spiritual Odyssey

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Image: Elyson Studios: Taking You on a Spiritual Odyssey

Just like all other technology, the entertainment industry also evolves. We perceive this in many formats, like getting to listen to your preferred music on your smartphone, while you carry only your smartphone with you.

You may alternately perceive this as mind-blowing animation effects in the latest Spiderman flick.

Virtual Reality (VR) nowadays finds an indisputable place in the world of entertainment. From being an ecstasy factor, VR is fast becoming a staple.

There is something magical about VR because, from the dull and monotonous 2D screens, VR transports us to a virtual world where everything seems within reach, just as though you can step ahead and touch it.

Arvind Ghorwal is the founder of Elysian Studios, an organization dedicated to the implementation and enhancement of VR technology. With their uniquely crafted experiences, Elysian Studio takes everyone on a spiritual odyssey.

Their expertise in curated spiritual experiences is also a demarking factor for Elysian Studios.

Today, besides capturing viewers’ hearts, Elysia Studios has found acclaim in several prestigious international arenas. The studio is all about quality, but with a soul. Their works have been chosen for renowned film festivals.

The key focus area for Elysian Studios is the transformative power that India’s ancient wisdom withholds. It becomes easy to see that the journey of storytelling is merely in its starting stages. The best is yet to arrive!

In this article, we talk about Mr. Arvind Ghorwal and all that inspired him to set up Elysian Studios, a breakthrough organization that dwells deep into India’s cultural heritage.

As per Mr. Ghorwal, the driving force behind Elysian Studios is how well everyone responds to VR technology. When one puts a VR headset on; one feels that he is transported to an all-new hemisphere altogether.

People are curious to know more about technology and what could happen in the future. Team Elysian loves what they do. When you put your heart and soul into your work, you can create magic and that is exactly what Elysian is trying to do.

The medium withholds immense potential and Elysian Studio looks to innovate, inspire, imagine, and create something wonderful so the audience can take a leap from a 2D screen to a virtual environment, where you feel as if you are there.

Talking about the origins of Elysian Studios, Mr. Ghorwal tells us that he used to work at a start-up founded by his seniors and friends. He attended an international conference, and it was there that he was introduced to Virtual Reality.

When he put on the VR headset for the 1st time, it was a wow moment for him and inspired him to start a VR startup. Thus, Elysian was born.

Elysian Studios creates blissful experiences in virtual reality. They have shown Virtual Reality experiences for the maximum number of people possible. People have now begun to understand the potential of the technology and the future it will bring.

Elysian Studios: Inspiring you to grow, evolve, and transform

Mr. Ghorwal tells us that the name “Elysian” signifies being divinely inspired and the organization uses a unique and in-depth approach to virtual reality storytelling, creating blissful VR experiences.

Their mission is to create content that inspires you to travel to spiritual places and helps you grow, evolve, and transform. The content gives you a glimpse of the place virtually.

You feel as if you are there. Traveling brings you to the present moment. Your mind stops wandering to the past and the future. It is in the present moment and this moment becomes very important because it is in this moment that we live.

Mystic Lands: A pathbreaking VR series by Elysian Studios

 Elysian Studios has created a VR series called Mystic Lands, exploring ancient and blissful lands like Kashi, Bodh Gaya, and Rishikesh. Their journey of content creation started with Kumbh Mela and Key Monastery.

Kumbh Mela is the largest spiritual gathering of people on the planet, Mr. Ghorwal says. Millions of people come together to celebrate and take a holy dip in the sacred river to purify their minds, body, and soul.

Elysian then moved on to Key Monastery in the Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, where they created a beautiful experience with the monks. They also created a VR experience in the Spiti Valley where you visit the blissful valley and enjoy nature.

Since childhood, Mr. Ghorwal tells us, he has been inclined spiritually. Destiny took him to certain places that he felt were ideal for creating VR experiences, like Kashi – The city of Lord Shiva, Bodh Gaya – The land of Buddha’s Enlightenment and Rishikesh – the Yoga Capital of the World.

Creating VR experience of these places, Mr. Ghorwal felt would take Elysian Studio forward and justify their name.

Work by Elysian Studios appeals to the minds of Indian audiences because of its focus on beautiful and mystical lands like Kashi and Hrishikesh.

The quality of work they have delivered to date is enthralling and par excellence. Foreigners who have an interest in Indian culture too have been in appreciation of their work, and it is one of the factors that drive spiritual tourism.

Elysian Studios is committed to taking the legacy forward, Mr. Ghorwal says.

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