Myke Celis – Empowering Leadership and LGBTQ+ Advocacy through Coaching and Mindset Transformation

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Myke Celis is a renowned life coach, author, and LGBTQ+ advocate who is dedicated to transforming lives through empowering leadership, coaching, and mindset transformation.

His unique approach to coaching has earned him recognition as a leading authority in personal development, helping individuals embrace their true selves, and fostering inclusive and empowering environments.

This article explores Myke Celis’s views on leadership, LGBTQ+ advocacy, and the crucial role of coaching and mindset in personal growth. Mike primarily coaches celebrities, top executives and highly successful people from all over the world. We had the pleasure of speaking with him to hear more about his initiative #bestmeever for it to be accessible for everyone regardless of class, age, gender, status, culture.

His mainstream programs, talks and books and social media posts are designed to resonate with everyone who needs and longs to be their best, whether they are at a low ebb or if they are looking to elevate to the next plateau. Celis’ main core clientele is high performing, high value individuals. Highly influential that are successful.

He deals with people who know what they want, what their value is and what success feels and looks like. He actively listens, and recognizes their entire personalities, and helps them discover what lies beyond success as they embrace the person they’re really meant to be outside of what they do or what used to define them in the eyes of many.

Celis has been recognized as having a gift in recognizing untapped potential and individuals’ commitment to succeed. Drive, consistency and effort are important elements present in my coaches and mentees.

We had the pleasure of talking to Mike about his coaching, and ask him what motivates him:

“What motivates me are my own personal experience as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and as someone who experienced bullying when I was younger, hoping that these people realize that there’s hope and help is readily available, while emphasizing the value of self-love, self-care and self-acceptance, things which are difficult given the nature and behavior of our current society.”

Leadership and Empowerment

Myke Celis firmly believes that leadership should be rooted in empowerment and inclusivity. He emphasizes that effective leaders are those who inspire and motivate others to unlock their full potential. Celis’s coaching methodology revolves around helping individuals cultivate strong leadership skills, enabling them to lead with authenticity, empathy, and a deep understanding of the diverse needs and backgrounds of their team members.

LGBTQ+ Advocacy

In today’s rapidly evolving society, diversity and inclusion have become key drivers of progress, resonating across various industries. Embracing this ethos, renowned celebrity coach and author, Myke Celis, has consistently advocated for inclusivity, particularly in relation to the LGBTQ+ community, within his work. This article will delve into Celis’ perspectives on LGBTQ+ inclusivity and explore how he incorporates these principles into his business and literary endeavors.

Promoting Acceptance and Empowerment

Myke Celis firmly believes that embracing diversity, including those who identifty as LGBTQ+, is not only morally imperative but also crucial for personal and professional growth. In his coaching sessions and public appearances, Celis actively encourages individuals to fully accept and celebrate their authentic selves, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. By fostering a safe and affirming environment, he empowers LGBTQ+ individuals to embrace their uniqueness.

Too often, Celis claims that his high-profile clients and global leaders in coaching are held back by stress, anxiety, sadness coming from the pressure to outdo themselves and the need to look good in the eyes of many because of their stature. It is important, in Celis’ view to recognize that many individuals are on a journey, elevating, and transitioning through life as they meet him. He takes it upon himself to identify what their ideal next chapter will look like and how to achieve that vision as well. 

“I have always championed for inclusivity and diversity and in my case, to see other members of the LGBTQIA+ community to proudly come out and take up space in the industry they’re in brings me so much pride and joy to see people #LiveWithPride (my pride coaching platform) because it starts from there. That has been my personal advocacy since I started my coaching journey in the global market, being perhaps one of the few openly gay professional coaches to have own multiple awards, a number of best selling books and thought leadership articles and interviews about coaching across print, radio, TV and digital media locally and internationally as I wanted to be able to represent, not only the LGBTQIA+ community but the Asians and Filipinos in the global coaching space.”  

Global Master Coaching 

Celis’ master coaching helps his clients become their authentic, unapologetic  grandest versions of themselves, essentially, this enables them to be their own #bestmeemever. The coaching practice is anchored in self-empowerment anchored on  holistic wellness and well-being. The technique is what one would expect of a master, as it encompasses mixed coaching disciplines in life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, positive psychology and timeline therapy during his sessions.

He has recognized a bit of a trap in modern day society and defined the term “unicorn” in his coaching practice. Unicorns are  people who have very high potentials, multi-talented and excel in what they do. However, they use their success to mask their own insecurities and sadness because people ostracize them because they seem “different”, “too much” or “extremely ambitious”.

As a result, Celis explains, people try to put them inside a box for them to conform as they dim their own light. The entire goal of Celis’ coaching and role as a coach is to never let these Unicorns lose their shine as they become the person that they’re meant to be as they gain awareness, clarity, motivation and confidence to embrace their own self and journey.

Harnessing Gratitude and One’s Inner Child as a Technique for Mastery

Celis sets out with clients from the outset to make them feel that they are seen, heard, and accepted. For him, this is the heart and soul of coaching and it needs to be mastered right from the get-go:

“ I make my inner child happier because truth be told, that is what it always wanted: love, acceptance and understanding. Seeing that my words or actions changed a person’s life, whether through reading my books, listening to my talks, watching my interviews or experiencing coaching from me, is such a priceless, rewarding experience. As a person, authenticity and vulnerability have always been my strongest suits that allow me to consistently be the same person regardless of whatever hat I wear. And that’s something that others find brave and interesting because I never have to put any mask on regardless of what I do. I believe that inspires others to just be comfortable in their own skin no matter how unconventional or different they may seem.”

These core beliefs ensure that clients are set off on the right track and that the coaching techniques provide an instant uplift to their lives, wherever they join Celis at on their journey.  By practicing what he preaches, he shows first hand his dedication to clients, through commitment, time dedication, and hard work.

He wants to show others that he values these, and the importance of adding the other ingredients including purpose, consistency and integrity in the pursuit of any goal. He makes sure that he becomes their own accountability partner as I ensure that they ate in full alignment with their desired actions and results every step of the way. 

Self-empowerment, holistic wellness, and well-being play a role in his coaching practice, and are also at the core of all he does:

“I always believed that when you achieve balance in your own wellness and wellbeing space as you take care of yourself, you empower yourself from within and that allows you to rise above challenges that life throws at you, while achieving your biggest goals along the way.” Celis remarks.

What keeps you inspired and motivated in your coaching journey?

My coachees and mentees. Friends and loved ones. Viewers, listeners, followers, viewers, and even strangers who believe in me and in what I do. I am also inspired and motivated by my progress, big or small because they bring about fulfillment, meaning, and joy.

As a final piece of inspiration, Mike Celis shared with us his catalyst and how he got into the coaching business:

“I have discovered my calling as a coach 6 years ago when I found myself at the lowest point in my life and was looking for renewed meaning and purpose in life. I figured out that what I wanted to do was to speak to inspire every single day, the very thing I do when I coach and mentor people to help them find and become their own #bestmeever : their authentic, unapologetic, grandest version of themselves, no matter how that may look like for them. From that time on, I love waking up every single day knowing that I can change lives for the better through my books, talks, media appearances, social media posts and everything I do anchored on my coaching platform, #bestmeever.”

Mike Celis’ coaching principles work towards trying to do good in a world that is incredibly chaotic, aggressive, and where one’s worth is measured by productivity. His pursuit and dedication towards being the #bestmeever is a prospect that can essentially add value, to one’s mind, body, and business.

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Mike Celis is a global wealth empowering life coach and world renowned author. To find out more about him, visit https://coach-mykecelis.com/. He also offers free coaching programs, talks, and workshops to the youth and members of the LGBTQIA+ community during Pride Month and other selected times of the year.

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