Ingrid Reyes – A Revolutionary Player in the World of Wine and Advertising

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Image: Inspiring Business Women to Watch Out in 2024 - Ingrid Reyes

In the world of women entrepreneurs, there are many hidden gems who have given direction to their energies, motivation, and hard work such that they could come by as pioneers in their field and be well recognized in the business world – a shining light for everyone. One of the top such names that we will be discussing in our cover story is Ingrid Reyes.

Of many things that Reyes is known for, one of them is her love for travel. Reyes has carved a lifestyle for herself that brings to her the best of both worlds. She is a part of the happening scene in Los Angeles and her work calls of her to be a regular visitor to Napa Valley’s vineyards. Everyone who comes across Reyes tells her to be a warm and brilliant individual.

There’s more to Reyes’s story than what meets the eye. It is more than success. Reyes is, instead, a visionary who has transformed the advertising landscape from what we had earlier known it to be.

As we know more of the dynamic and vibrant entrepreneur that Ingrid Reyes is in this cover story, it let’s have a feel of Reyes’s rich tapestry of experiences that spans Italy, the bustling streets of New York, and the enchanting coastal haven of La Jolla, California.

Boasting an impressive 20-year legacy in the advertising industry, Ingrid currently holds the esteemed titles of Partner and CEO, Americas, for M&A Creative Agency USA, a role she assumed in 2021. Her journey to this leadership position is marked by not one, but two Golden Effie awards and a prestigious Silver Cannes Lion award, testifying to her prowess in crafting advertising campaigns that go beyond the ordinary.

Yet, success hasn’t led Ingrid to rest on her laurels. In a recent transformative chapter, she embarked on a journey with the Entrepreneurship Leadership Initiative Program at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, earning a full scholarship. This strategic move signifies her commitment to staying at the forefront of the advertising industry’s evolution, honing her entrepreneurial and innovation skills.

Ingrid herself tells us that her journey in the world of wine-making and promotion has been nothing short of a love affair. Her work in the field of advertising and marketing of wine enchants at first sight and takes the reader to a different plane altogether. On Instagram, you can now view the world with Reyes’ lens. Her Instagram handle is @Delicious_Journey_. 

The passion for advertising for wine is ingrained deep in Reyes’ persona. Her Instagram handle shares with us the intimate aspect of her passion. It is only right to say that each of Reyes’ Instagram posts is a brushstroke. It’s a showcase of the genuine connection that Reyes has created with winemaking; with each of the intricacies involved.

Reyes defines her collaboration with M&A Creative Agency as more than a career move. It is rather an extension of the passion she shares with winemaking. 

As of current, Reyes enjoys the position of the orchestrator of operations, client relationships, and growth strategy at M&A Creative Agency, an international powerhouse. So the role is not just professional – it’s personal. 

This goes to demonstrates Reyes’ commitment to bringing about a change in the future of wine-making. Alternately, she also nurtures the very essence of what makes each bottle a masterpiece. Reyes never fails to bring out the best in wine, making every sip a moment of sheer joy.

M&A Creative Agency, under Ingrid’s leadership, excels in a spectrum of services, from storytelling, branding, and creative design to strategy development, content creation, digital marketing, e-commerce solutions, media outreach, and production. Their extensive experience spans sectors like hospitality, automotive, finance, telecommunications, and entertainment, showcasing Ingrid’s prowess in steering this agency towards diverse and impactful endeavors.

Ingrid Reyes is not just an advertising executive; she is a visionary force at the intersection of creativity, entrepreneurship, and the art of winemaking. This cover story delves into the multifaceted journey of Ingrid – a woman who not only shapes the advertising landscape but also sips and savors the essence of life in every glass of wine.

A New Age Entrepreneur Dedicated to Maximize the Impact of Her Work Digitally

The world is going digital at an unprecedented pace. Digital marketing is easy to get started with and nearly all brands indulge in the same. But a few prolific names stand out who maximize the impact of their work via digital marketing and come across unprecedented success. Ingrid Reyes is one of them and demonstrates that when equipped with the right sort of tools, winning over the world becomes easy.

Reyes tells us that at their company, M&A Creative Agency, they have a whole in-house division dedicated to digital. In the contemporary landscape, the digital realm is the beating heart of brand building and market presence. It’s not merely a platform; it’s a dynamic ecosystem that propels brands into the spotlight and cultivates a distinctive identity. Digital platforms serve as the canvas for a brand’s narrative.

M&A Creative Agency designs strategically crafted websites, engaging social media channels, apps, VR technology, (Virtual Reality), targeted digital campaigns, and more, sculpting a brand identity that transcends the screen. From visuals to messaging, every digital touchpoint contributes to a cohesive and memorable brand persona. Digital is the megaphone that amplifies a brand’s voice.

The pillars of digital marketing at M&A Creative Agency are SEO optimization, targeted advertising, and content marketing. Reyes tells us that they ensure that their clients don’t just participate in the market; they dominate it. The digital landscape provides the agility to adapt to evolving trends and maintain an omnipresent market presence.

Reyes shares a shining example of their digital strategy making a substantial impact. This was the launch of a tech-forward beverage brand, AdegaMãe. For AdegaMãe, they designed an e-commerce sight with the rebranding of their brand and a few brands on their portfolio of 30+ brands. Leveraging a comprehensive digital approach, they transformed the brand from a newcomer into an industry disruptor. Their content strategy focused on creating visually striking and shareable content tailored to the brand’s tech-savvy target audience. Utilizing analytics and consumer insights, they refined the digital strategy in real-time. This data-driven approach allowed them to identify successful channels, optimize campaigns, and pivot quickly in response to market feedback, ensuring maximum impact. Augmented reality experiences and interactive social media challenges made a part of their innovative digital campaigns. This success underscored the transformative power of a strategic and innovative digital approach in reshaping brand narratives and leaving an indelible mark on the market.

Creating captivating content that aligns with a brand’s tone

Reyes defines captivating content as the lifeblood of effective brand communication. In a world inundated with information, it’s the magnetic force that draws audiences in, leaving a lasting impression.

The internet is flooded with ads; which makes effective brand communication a must. It’s not merely about conveying a message; it’s about creating an immersive experience that resonates with the audience on a profound level touching their emotional cords.

Ensuring content aligns with a brand’s tone is paramount. A brand’s tone is its distinctive voice, the personality that forges a connection with its audience.

Reyes tells us that their approach involves an in-depth understanding of the brand’s identity, values, territory, and target audience. They conduct thorough brand audits, focus groups, and market and consumer analyses to pinpoint the tone that speaks authentically to the brand’s essence.

Whether it’s playful and casual or sophisticated and formal, their content creation process is a meticulous dance between creativity and strategic alignment. The goal is not just to capture attention but to leave an indelible mark that echoes the brand’s unique personality.

M&A Creative Agency has offices in Europe and the US and work with brands in almost every single continent. They have deep knowledge and profound insights into a multicultural world, which is the linchpin of triumphant international communication. 

There is more to it than linguistics; it’s a strategic imperative that spans cultural chasms, guaranteeing a brand’s message resounds universally.

In our interconnected global society, consumers are astutely familiar with diverse perspectives, making authenticity non-negotiable. Every strand of creativity and communication must be infused with authenticity to not just communicate but deeply resonate with the audience and captivate the market.

As per Reyes, it is paramount to maintain the nuances, subtleties, and cultural references embedded in the original content and authenticity must be at the forefront. M&A Creative’s multicultural services extend beyond words to encompass cultural context and sensitivity. This cultivates a global resonance that propels brands toward international success.

The story of Inception of M&A Creative Agency USA

Reyes tells us that the USA division of M&A Creative Agency was born out of a shared vision of her team and a deep-seated passion for redefining creativity in the advertising in the Beverage industry. She, alongside her business partner Luis Marques, Global CEO and Founder of the agency in Portugal envisioned a space where strategic brilliance and artistic innovation converged to elevate brands to unprecedented heights in a new market, USA. Established 2021, M&A Creative USA emerged as a response to the need for a fresh, dynamic approach to creative advertising, with a specific focus on the beverage industry.

From the outset, the agency has been committed to pushing boundaries, breaking away from conventional norms, and embracing the ever-changing dynamics of the advertising world. This commitment laid the foundation for a creative journey that goes beyond traditional limits, yielding the edge needed to make a mark in the industry.

Over the years, M&A Creative has evolved from a local player starting in Portugal, extending into Europe and now into a global force in the creative advertising arena. The journey has been marked by a constant pursuit of excellence and an unwavering dedication to staying ahead of industry trends, for thinking differetly.

The global reach expanded organically as M&A Creative Agency’s reputation for delivering cutting-edge campaigns spread across borders. The organization established a network of creative minds and strategic partners worldwide, enabling it to understand diverse markets and cater to the unique needs of clients on a global scale.

As per Reyes, creatively, their approach has matured with each project, embracing new technologies, trends, consumer behaviors, and moving into sustainability. The agency prides itself on being adaptive and innovative, leveraging insights gained from its experiences to continually refine strategies. 

The essence of their creative journey lies in the seamless integration of data-driven insights and artistic expression, allowing them to create campaigns that not only captivate audiences but also drive tangible results for our clients.

M&A Creative believe in the power of imagination and its ability to transform ordinary products into extraordinary experiences.

Ingrid Reyes tells us what M&A Creative Agency stands for

M&A Creative USA is more than just a team. Reyes defines themselves as a passionate group of storytellers, innovators, and brand enthusiasts who thrive on crafting compelling narratives for the beverage industry. At their core, they stand for the seamless fusion of creativity and strategy, bringing brands to life through captivating campaigns that not only resonate but also leave a lasting impact.

M&A Creative believe in the power of imagination and its ability to transform ordinary products into extraordinary experiences. The agency stands for pushing the boundaries of conventional advertising, exploring new frontiers, and creating a distinctive voice for each brand they collaborate with.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving beverage industry, M&A Creative prides on being trendsetters, staying ahead of the curve to deliver campaigns that not only meet but exceed the expectations of their clients. The organization’s commitment to excellence is reflected in their attention to detail, innovative thinking, and the ability to connect emotionally with consumers.

Mainstays of M&A Creative USA, a collaborative and client-centric approach

M&A Creative stands for fostering a collaborative and client-centric approach. They understand that each brand has a unique story to tell, and their mission is to bring that story to life in a way that resonates with the target audience. Through a combination of market research, creative flair, and strategic thinking, M&A Creative aims to elevate brands and create a memorable presence in the competitive beverage landscape. They craft creative solutions that not only meet the goals of our clients but also set new standards in the beverage advertising industry.

Ingrid Reyes mentions Awards & Achievements of M&A Creative USA that make her proud

Reyes tells us that they are honored to be recognized globally for what they love doing, for their work. Here are a few recent wins:

Portugal Independent Agency of the Year 2023 – TopFICE Awards 

Being recognized as the Agency of the Year in Portugal is a testament to M&A Creative USA’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the creative advertising industry. This award acknowledges the agency’s impact and influence within the region.

NY Product Design Award 2022

Winning the prestigious New York Product Design Award in 2022 for Uncommon Wines highlights M&A Creative’s prowess in creating visually stunning and functionally exceptional designs. This recognition reinforces their dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Through a combination of market research, creative flair, and strategic thinking, M&A Creative aims to elevate brands and create a memorable presence in the competitive beverage landscape.

Muse Awards 2022 & 2023 

The Muse Awards are a celebration of creative excellence, and being honored in consecutive years speaks of the agency’s consistent ability to deliver outstanding and impactful campaigns that resonate with audiences on a global scale.

German Design Awards 2022 & 2023

This recognition from the German Design Awards underscores M&A Creative’s international standing in the creative field. This award is a testament to their commitment to innovative and high-quality design.

Reyes tells us that one of their most impactful and a well-received project was the collaboration with the iconic celebrity drummer, Kenny Aronoff and Smith Devereux Winery, for the branding of Uncommon Wines. In the era of “Celebrity Wines,” their agency took on the challenge of not only creating a brand but crafting an entire experience.

Inspired by the art of music and winemaking, team M&A Creative handled the branding, naming, and packaging design for Uncommon Wines. The standout feature of this project is the Uncommon Wines Masterpiece, a sculptural and eco-friendly 3D printed design that serves as a luxurious antique bronze medallion. This masterpiece showcases Kenny’s iconic sunglasses, famous drums, and drumsticks, capturing his essence and brand identity.

Breaking boundaries in the wine packaging industry, this innovative design was conceived not just for aesthetic appeal but with sustainability in mind. The entire design is intended to minimize the carbon footprint, and every component on the bottle serves a purpose. After enjoying the wine, consumers can remove the recyclable pieces, transforming them into collector’s items, a piece of jewelry, and a beautiful keyring.

The launch of Uncommon Wines was a total success, this campaign showed double digital sales within the first three months after the launch. This project exemplifies M&A Creative’s ability to merge creativity, sustainability, and strategic branding, resulting in a campaign that not only stands out in the competitive celebrity wines market but also contributes to a positive environmental impact. It reflects their dedication to delivering groundbreaking and purposeful creative solutions for their clients.


It becomes easy to see that creativity is at the heart of all that M&A Creative USA does. Through innovative and captivating advertising campaigns, their mission is to assist brands in narrating their stories in a manner that deeply resonates with their intended audience. Their aim extends beyond merely crafting advertisements; they aspire to curate unforgettable experiences that establish a meaningful and lasting connection between the brand and consumers.

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